Ah, the gilded hall* of The Full Stop Commenter Hall** of Fame, located in the basement of the YMCA, in fun-loving Plattsburgh, NY.  Don’t be distracted by the water damage, general mustiness, or Gene, the mute janitor, but please proceed to the end of the hall, where you will find, inscribed, out first inductee, who goes by the simple handle RASHIEME.  His comment on our October 31st article, The Presidents of The United States, Sorted into Hogwarts Houses, left only 2 days ago (obviously he ruminated for a few months), is beyond description. We re-run it for your pleasure below. It has perhaps out-internetted the internet.

Real Talk, they are just figure heads. Think of it like this, They were not the Harry Potters of thier Houses. Not even the Grand Wiz teachers of thier class. They were all the Freshman of there class. Top prospects, but Freshmen in High school none the less. When the flame of school, popularity, clicks, and fitting in felt like a drug that when first taken gets u higher than u would ever feel. So yeah its great to put a freshmen/women on top of a pedestal marked one, but the school still has people on sight to check them. Ppl off campus to check the checkers. Ppl playing checkers and no one checking them. Thats why i play chess not checkers. From the age of 8, id say i was pretty good. Infinte ways to win. Many was for both parties to win. If you have moved from the US durring the “RavenClaw” reign, than u probly want Bush back, right? As freshmen/women we develope “Poker Faces” and “Clever Words” to show our way of dealing with what is in our hearts. So lets say all houses were built from Love first and no Fear. I like the Ravens, but i am a Vick fan. Vick plays chess. Ravens are stuck on the masondixie line. Holding on to Gods words, and Hoping to make it to play infront of the Holy Trinity. When your fans believe and profect their souls with what they know is true, he died for me to turn my life around, then i might buy a Lewis jersey. But right now, all eyes on Turbo, Vick, Tigre, Luda!, Anthony, The Rock, Energy, Google+, Coke, Kaliah Rose, Bruce Lee, Wiz Kid, Android, O’s, Black Anchor Tattos, Reperations, United States, S.W.A.G., Pig Point, Jesus, Water Bears, 1∅, Trinity, and Barack Obama’s Fresh Face. He should get a chance at a school of high education. VOTE like ur puting the world on it.
P.s. Dash! U should give me a Call.-I stay in denton,md-

That pretty much sums up where we’re at as a nation, culture, and plane of existence. We will be reaching out shortly to RASHIEME to discuss further writing opportunities.

*It is a simple hall, neither room nor chamber.

**An actual hall!



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