The following playlist is humbly submitted for your listening pleasure from Full Stop, your full service literary journal. We used to invoke the immortal and ominous words of Prince Buster, “Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think,” but having recently moved to Scotland I’ll invoke the immortal and precise words of Linton Kwesi Johnson, “Inglan is a bitch, there’s no mistakin’ it.”

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1) I-Roy – Crisis Time

2) Israel Vibration – I’ll Go Through

3) Linton Kwesi Johnson – Inglan in a Bitch

4) Cornell Campbell – Be Thankful

5) Jacob Miller – Truth Has Come

6) Cimarons – Hear Talk of Inflation

7) Dennis Bovell – Manhunter

8) Junior Delahaye – Sitting In The Park

9) Bob Andy – Let Them Say

10) Toots and the Maytalls – War No More

11) The Melodians – Heartache

12) Scientist – Times Like These

13) Mr. Foundation – See Them a Come

14) King Tubby – Dub or Rights

15) The Uniques – People Rocksteady

16) Dave Ansil Collins – Double Barrel ( TOTP )1971

17) Derrick Harriott – Walk The Streets

18) Lennie Hibbert – Village Soul

19) Derrick Morgan – Judge Dread in Court

20) Doreen Shaffer – I Don’t Know Why

Michael Schapira is an Interviews Editor at Full Stop.

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