Founded in January of 2011, Full Stop focuses on debuts, works in translation, and books published by small presses. We believe that books exist in a supercollider, that their meaning and significance arise from high-energy collisions with the people and cultures that read, write, and share them. In an often insular and oscillating field, we seek to highlight the unknown, the precarious, and the as-yet unrealized.

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Editorial Collective

Managing Editor: Emily Alex

Reviews Editors: Darren Huang, Fiona Bell, Sharanya
Features Editors: Emily Alex, Kyle Williams
Interviews Editors: Michael Schapira, Kyle Williams, Hannah Lamb-Vines
Blog Editor: Devin Smith
Web Editor: Eric Jett

Editors at Large: Max Rivlin-Nadler, Alex Shephard, Jesse Montgomery, Meagan Day, Caren Beilin, Nathan Goldman, Jesse Miller, Helen Stuhr-Rommereim
Founding Editors: Alex Shephard, Jesse Montgomery, Max Rivlin-Nadler, Amanda Shubert, Eric Jett, Nika Knight


Please send pitches and submissions to the appropriate editors listed above. We are currently able to pay for feature-length essays only.


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Special Thanks

Anna-Claire Stinebring, Brendan Roach, Larissa Pham, Lauren Friedlander, Nina Renata Aron, Eleanor Gold, David Walker, Micheline Heal, Lucas Brown, C. Max Magee, Edan Lepucki, Emma Straub, Joanna Smith Rakoff, Kaila Philo, Allison N. Conner, Devin Kelly, A.M. Davenport, Mollie Elizabeth Pyne, CLMP


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