Deep Dream Believer

Despite what you’ve heard, Google’s Deep Dream is not an artificial intelligence – it’s just an interesting image filter. What does this misrepresentation tell us about the state of online tech journalism?

I’m Not You

The multiplicity of binaries and hierarchies in Leon Neyfakh’s THE NEXT NEXT LEVEL testifies to a profound uneasiness regarding the center of power in America, cultural and otherwise.

Encyclopedic Encroachment: Defining the Micro-enyclopedic Novel

Each encyclopedia has its own white whale.

Unreal Loyalties in the Museum

Old-guard museum loyalists have come to associate photography of artworks with inattention and disrespect. But that attitude is itself unfaithful to the possibilities of the museum.

False Moves

Unselfconsciousness is covetable. We admire it in babies and seek to recover it as adults. But blackness is incompatible with unselfconsciousness. Blackness is a tracking device.

Honeychild, Fly Away Home

For a brief moment in the cemetery, I wished it wasn’t my inheritance. That this wasn’t my story.

The Indescribably Real: Epic Memoir and Barycentric Fiction

The softening of the reader’s criteria for what can be permissibly worked into the novel format, processing real life through the story-teller’s eye for structure, implicates not only our literature, but reality as we experience it.

Lesser-Known Pleasures

Nell Zink’s prose may not expand into rolling curls of unconventional syntax, but it is nonetheless difficult. Her mercilessly enjoyable prose leaves itself open to serious moral misinterpretation.

The Perils of Optimism, with Zeppelins

Truth itself won’t be comforted, but there’s solace in seeing the huckster unmasked. On American optimism and THE CARP CASTLE by MacDonald Harris.

Grieving in the Time of Lulz

Knausgaard could have Instagrammed his father’s empties. Didion could have live-tweeted her late-night ambulance ride. Instead they wrote. Why do we write grief?