Laura Mullen

Whenever I hear anyone talk about difficulty, in my work or that of others, I just think it’s a confession about a lack of exposure.

Bryan Hurt

An understanding of craft should set us free.

Best of Interviews, 2015

The best interviews from the past year.

Sean Stewart (Babylon Falling)

As a little kid all my real life heroes were outlaws, self-styled and otherwise.

Adrian Tomine

I feel like “Peanuts,” which is probably my favorite comic strip, shows the parade of humiliations of a character’s life, but plays them for empathy and laughs.

Rick Moody

I read a fair amount of hotel reviews, and I really enjoyed reading them. The worse they are, the better they are in a way.

Amanda Montei

There’s a lot of our voices moving in and out of one another, a lot of the desperation and resentment and defensiveness of teenage girlhood, a lot of that young anger at the mother for being a woman in a world that hates women (the horror!)

The Irate8

We basically wanted President Ono to say that he acknowledged that this was a murder, a hurtful thing. The University kept referring to it as “the incident.”

Chris Martin

I want poetry to till and tilt. I want it to renew and restage difficult questions from unexpected perspectives.

Miles Klee

There are writers who can really unravel a sweater with slow deliberate style, but, if anything, I must underwrite. I’m always trying to get out of explaining or defining anything.

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