Tom LeClair

I wanted my reviews to be like legal opinions, well-founded, well-reasoned, and as fair as I could make them without donning black robes and buying a gavel.

Claire Vaye Watkins

It’s not going to be a Manson Family memoir; it’s going to be funny and weird and a little bit gross or shocking, but also with a lot of beauty and affection in it too.

James Hannaham

I’m interested in that murky zone where the truth is so outrageous as to be unbelievable, and in tackling the challenge of translating that sense of barely real truth into fiction without sacrificing its impact.

Sherrie Tucker

The World War II generation gets held up as a model for when people were in agreement about what democracy was. What I hope this book can get at is that people meant all kinds of things by democracy then.

The Thomas Wolfe Memorial

The pressure of meeting the expectations, his own and from others, of “genius” created personal stress that no doubt was a factor in Wolfe’s early death.

James Elkins

Can you get your reader to say, OK, I’m in a dreaming mind at the moment, and this is what the mind is dreaming? If you can do that then a photograph can work and have no evidentiary function.

Stephen J Burn

Wallace has been transformed from a writer people were reluctant to take seriously, and who was deemed profoundly derivative of Pynchon, to a writer people fall over themselves to namecheck.

Andrew Hartman

The metaphor of war works from the assumption that there is no consensus, that there never was agreement to begin with.

Cynan Jones

I trust the reader to be able to understand the horror and tenderness innate in a situation. My job is to write it down as clearly as I can, and without judgment. There’s a difference between voyeurism and witness.

National Steinbeck Center

“If the city of my birth should wish to perpetuate my name clearly but harmlessly,” Steinbeck once suggested, “let it name a bowling alley after me or a dog track or even a medium price, low-church brothel.”

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