Jonathan Blunk

“I’ve tried to give readers strong, vivid glimpses of [James Wright] in all the places he lived and traveled to in his sadly shortened but very full life.”

Quintan Ana Wikswo and Margo Berdeshevsky

I suspect that Evil created Hope, knowing that it would never be a successful opponent.

Leslie Stein

I think loneliness is a beautiful emotion, it respects your inner desires, and one should be thankful to have those.

Kristen Arnett

My family is my writing community, the friends who’ve been there for me, my queer community. And that’s a lot of good fucking people.

Jesús Carmona-Robles

“I do not believe in the poet as a prophet. I do not believe in the poet as a revelator of absolute truths. I do not believe in the poet as a warrior. I think the poet is a sort of journalist of himself who uses language to flirt with beauty.”

John Keene

How can we go beyond the commonplace, even when we’re thinking of ourselves, to get to a deeper, hidden otherness?

Zali Gurevitch

it can be a comment about desire it can be anything in one word

Anna Prushinskaya

“The moments of transitioning to motherhood were moments of clarity, of cutting through the things that I wasn’t able to cut through before.”

Steven Church

“We spent a lot of time at the zoo…sort of essaying our way through this ever-changing landscape of life and death, captivity and wonder.”

Gabrielle Calvocoressi

If I am comfortable in my unknowing, in letting the vessel of my desires for myself and others live in a space of openness and questioning then I do no harm, I am just open.

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