Simon Critchley

Bowie . . . is the most important artist of the last forty years, for me, in any medium — any medium, books, anything.

Translation Questionnaire: Natasha Wimmer

A tentative translation is likely to be an uneven, unpersuasive one.

Robert Meister – pt. 2

In California belief in the goodness of our state universities is best understood as a civic religion, which makes it difficult when faculty like me and Chris Newfield try to tell the public that its universities have become worse

Robert Meister – pt. 1

In colloquial terms we say possession is nine tenths of the law — well the other tenth is reparations.

Paul Holdengräber

What we hide and what we try to obfuscate, what we avoid, the ways in which we deceive others and deceive ourselves — all this is so much a part of who we are.

Translation Questionnaire: Michael Emmerich

When we translate, if only for a time, we breathe that special air. And that air is addictive.

Translation Questionnaire: Joshua Daniel Edwin

When asked if his Spanish was good enough to translate Gabriel García Márquez, Gregory Rabassa said that the real question should be: Is my English good enough?

Eileen Myles

What I’ve done is made up a language that I write in. It’s a kind of patois of working class speech, poet speech, intellectual patter, and whatever sticks. It’s a swift first-thought, best-thought language.

D. Foy

When I finish a project that I was completely invested in, I’m pretty emptied out. It’s kind of like post-coital melancholy.

Translation Questionnaire: Danuta Borchardt

I derive particular satisfaction from delving, in language, into my native Polish core. Having been an exile of many years, this has a particular relevance and poignancy.

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