Ilana Masad

To me, that’s very queer — to write a chracater who you’re very thirsty for but who would have no interest in you.

Brad Fox

I’ve cultivated a kind of heat in my process both in order to short circuit my critical faculties, so I can more readily be surprised, and also to outrun my self-doubt.

Samah Selim

I prefer the French term ‘chercheur,’ or straight-up ‘researcher’ because it has a kind of Sufi ring to it. You know, the idea of being on a never-ending path towards knowledge, ignorance being the perpetual state of the present.

Sam Farahmand

“Fiction can give meaning to the world and fiction can make sense of the world, but then, because it is fiction after all, it also makes a good case for questioning whether anything is for anything.”

Podcast #7: S. D. Chrostowska & Tamara Faith Berger

Novelist and critic S. D. Chrostowska discusses her new book, The Eyelid, with fellow novelist Tamara Faith Berger.

Gabrielle Civil

In my work, I’m trying to get inside of performance time, inside my own thinking and making and interiority.

Wendy Kline

What the feminist health movement really did was change the way that we understand evidence and experience – and actually the knowledge of the body. Individual experience can be as legitimate as scientific knowledge.

Mary South

“I don’t want to let these things just glide by; I think we can learn from our current digital age through art and being in conversation with it.

Kathryn Scanlan

“A story is whatever I say it is.”

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