Helen Phillips

I was talking to a friend of mine who was studying theoretical architecture, and she too had gone through this period of being scornful of real buildings.

Kayvan Tahmasebian

If decision-making in the flood of possibilities is the common denominator of life and translation, Pilate and Jesus may also be read as an allegory of the “mystery” of translation.

Amina Cain

“If you read a lot of books, and watch a lot of movies, you’re going to absorb some of what it means for you to read and watch them, and that will be expressed in some way in your own work.” An interview with Amina Cain.

Olga Livshin

But the hope in my book, and the books of others I admire, is flickering, textured, not pure.

Elle Nash

“Everyone suffers somehow. It’s important to show that, I think.” Our interview with Elle Nash, author of Animals Eat Each Other and editor at Hobart Pulp and Witch Craft.

Jeff Alessandrelli & Chyrum Lambert

Failure or success can only be defined by the individual artist, and that fact is one I hold close nowadays. Within that knowledge lies the ultimate connection in what I’ve written over the years.

Jamie Townsend on Steve Abbott

Steve Abbot’s writing often asks the reader to be open to self-critique and surprise, to be open to the process of discovering new avenues for thought, whether hyperbolic, or crass, or even wrongheaded.

Keith Bendis

Bierce’s cynicism of our institutions, the rich, religion, and common beliefs could have been written yesterday.

George Takei

I admire those who took a principled position and paid the price for it. They fought on battlefields too. Their battlefields were behind the tall, concrete walls of federal penitentiaries.

Peter Mishler

I would prefer to stay on the side of generosity.

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