Shaun Randol

The Mantle is one of the monsters in Monsters, Inc. It’s a monster, but a lovable one. And one day I will tame it, because right now it’s sure as hell riding me around.

Philip Metres

Translations of poetry often veer between domesticating the foreign and bewildering the native

Sharon Mashihi and Aaron Finbloom

If a conversation has rules, can it somehow go deeper?

Smokey Hormel

The reason I did the Round-up is really because of Mr. Cash…I kind of owe it all to him in a way…he’s like a god!

Shane Jesse Christmass and Germán Sierra

I’m particularly interested in those aspects that subvert the ‘manifest image’ of the human and the Universe, rather than in those that confirm our perceptions and beliefs.

Anne Kawala

I was a bit sad because visual poets make beautiful images but they don’t say anything and sound poets make very beautiful sounds but we can’t read them. So why is visual poetry not a score for sound poetry?

Fabrizio Federico

It’s fun to play with form and to mis-manage; to be a charlatan, to revolutionize and cause an explosion with your film

Melissa Broder

It’s like they say, character is fate. Obsessions are inescapable.

Nick Twemlow

How does this translate into meaning? I have no idea. I wrote the book, this suite, to try to arrive at an answer.

Simon Jacobs

If you’re a person of extreme persuasion, what happens when the tools to be as extreme as you fantastically imagined yourself being suddenly show up in your hands?

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