Scott Cheshire

What happens if you’re not religious, but religion’s still the lens through which you see the world?

Ottessa Moshfegh

This needs more subjectivity and observation. Tell me more about being nervous.

Sara Veglahn

Can I language something that is inherently beyond language? Can I actually render a moment or emotion? Can I create something as beautiful as a Tarkovsky film or as provocative and strange as a Pina Bausch choreography?

Laurapalooza: Unbonneted with Nancy McCabe

I’m afraid Laura might be horrified that people are wearing sunbonnets, since she hated hers so much, and she might be somewhat bemused at our celebration of pioneer life accompanied by power point presentations and tweets.

Chris Bachelder

There is no element of craft that is more important to me than tone, and I work best when I’m working with a tone that is somehow at odds with itself, or at odds with the subject matter, or both

Lynette D’Amico & Nathan Poole

I really want to address and uphold in fiction the idea that human suffering is inherently meaningful. I think this is why the aesthetic idea of pathos arises so readily from our earliest stories.

Lewis H. Lapham

In that day and age the only writing that was considered serious was the novel. To be a literary figure, to be a literary artist, to have literary pretensions of any kind, one had to write a novel.

Laurie Foos

I believe that if you become too aware of or too focused on your intention, you’re likely to end up dead in the water.

Kathleen Founds

I thought it was an interesting idea to explore, that the decision that saves someone could, first of all, be based on a misinterpretation of a sacred text, and then, second, could be a less complex worldview.

Paul Beatty

I’ve been thinking a lot about the difference between giving a shit and giving a fuck. Or not giving a fuck, I guess.

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