by Nabil Kashyap


Even if we go nowhere, even if we staycate, our escape is always into rather than out from under the imperial gaze.

The Grave on the Wall – Brandon Shimoda

THE GRAVE ON THE WALL performs a memorial in linked essays to the author’s grandfather Midori Shimoda while scraping away at the grounds for such a memorial, for any memorial.

H&G – Anna Maria Hong

When our tiny tour group was called to join our guide, instead of flashy ghostbuster jumpsuit or LED-studded skeleton or goth employee just dressed regular, we got Steve.

Black and Blur – Fred Moten

If the book is about anything, it is about spiraling through the cultural implications of keeping the “we” in “me .”

Nights as Day, Days as Night – Michel Leiris

While “a fieldwork of the self” is clearly how much of Leiris’s other work operates, this book resists.

Me Against the World – Kazufumi Shiraishi

Cancer is suicidal, we learn. Ghosts are only capable of uninteresting platitudes.

The Voyager Record – Anthony Michael Morena

But an accumulation always threatens to stack, that is, threatens to make a tower and towers always point somewhere, reluctant teleology.