All of us at Full Stop are excited to introduce “Thinking The Present”: a new series in which Full Stop editors and contributors will respond to contemporary academic and popular nonfiction books about our world today.

We seek to examine the emergent themes behind recent upheavals such as the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, the market collapses in Europe and the United States, and the growing strain put on natural resources during a period of rapid urbanization. The topics we hope to cover throughout the series will range from politics and economics to environmental issues and urbanism.

“Thinking the Present” is a way for contributors to engage in a conversation about global events by delving into works by leading academics, intellectuals, commentators, journalists, and activists. The range of thinkers we have in mind are well-established public intellectuals such as Jeffrey Sachs, Slavoj Zizek, and Thomas Frank as well as lesser-known social critics such as Nina Power, Ross Perlin, and Eyal Weizman. We plan on running reviews, interviews, features and blog posts as a part of the series each month.

We’ll kick off the series tomorrow with an interview with Chris Lehmann, author of Rich People Things.

If you’d like to pitch an essay, review or interview that you believe would fit within the series, please send an email to Michael Schapira detailing your idea and any particular titles you’d like to review or respond to.


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