Book trailers: they are still so silly, but Gary Shteyngart knows how to make them! He is the Jean Renoir of book trailers.

Yesterday, the trailer for the paperback edition of Super Sad True Love Story premiered on NY Mag‘s Vulture blog. James Franco isn’t in this one (sorry, ladies), but Paul Giamatti (fellas!) is! It is really funny!

In Super Sad True Trailer Story 2: The Secret of the Ooze (also known as 2 Sad 2 Truious) Hoping to meet cougars and buy them milkshakes, Shteyngart, who reprises his role as an illiterate, horny Russian, attends a book club party in a “brownhouse” with his trusty roommate Paul Giamatti. We also discover that the roommates know a lot about the “oral tradition” and “like pussy!” (umm, just watch the trailer) And Felix, Shteyngart’s adorable datschund, is an early frontrunner for Best Supporting Actor in a Canine Role. Way to go Felix! Here is your award for acting!

Best line: “I was going to take boat!”

Watch the trailer here. Some wonderful sketches from the production are here. Then check out Full Stop’s interview with Gary Shteyngart and read our review of Super Sad True Love Story! Shteyngart! Shteyngart! Shteyngart!

Update: Here is the trailer!


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