by Joe Milazzo

Kids in America: A Gen X Reckoning – Liz Prato


Truth and reconciliation: it’s not something we do well here in the United States.

William Lessard


If corporations are people, what are people?

Selected Writings – Mirtha Dermisache


Think of this “book” as a primer that instructs us in nothing other than how to brilliantly rearrange loops, humps, and strokes.

Modern Love – Constance DeJong


He accuses her of robbing him of his ideas, his genius, making a mockery of his life’s work — not that he’s made anything. But Art is male energy in this equation, and there’s only so much subjectivity to go around.

Atlantic Hotel – João Gilberto Noll


ATLANTIC HOTEL’s moral compass is far wonkier than even the most clever parody of a hardboiled detective noir.