Cats in Istanbul

The encounter with the other in street cats gestures beyond itself towards the true Other of the Divine.

The Splash of Icarus: Theorizing Sound Writing / Writing Sound Theory

Sound knowledge — a nondiscursive form of affective transmission resulting from acts of listening.
Sound writing — a performance in word-sound of such knowledge.

Once More, With Feeling

What’s wrong with feeling, anyway?

Autumnal Travels

Each autumn is a collection of every autumn past.

Murder Play: Reading Pain in Chris Kraus’s HOW TO SHOOT A CRIME

Rather than deeply connecting sadomasochism with gentrification, the film shows how removed loft living can be from issues of displacement and crime.

Lifting the Veil: Behind the Sacred Text of Islam

What will you find if you open the Qur’an and begin to read?

The Full Stop Reviews Supplement #2

A glimpse into our ongoing conversations about the possibilities of the contemporary review.

(Read Me)

All art is for you. All writing is for us. I’m going to say it til I die.

Against Pseudofeminism

Did we forget that other women were fighting for the rights we acquired, and that we must also fight for those who have not yet obtained them? Did our well of solidarity run dry?

Full Stop Quarterly: August 2017

This issue of the Full Stop Quarterly is concerned with the processes and systems that make up and facilitate writing and reading, and in particular with poetry, the perpetual avant-garde.