The Reality Industrial Complex

Novels should have killed poetry. Television should have killed radio. Digital should have killed paper.

Other Atheisms

Is it possible that the usual (understandable) insistence that atheism is simply a product of experience or reason in some “pure” sense has led to a neglect of the shape of atheism as a tradition?

Rabbis and Theorists

Theory and chakirah-driven Talmud study are both methods of abstraction that, dissatisfied with the singular event, seek to uncover the more fundamental actors and structures at play.

The Bare Life Review

Bare Life’s illustrious advisory board, generous writers’ fees, and very existence point to the emergent urgency of creating a space for migrant writing.

QAnon’s Pendulum: On Umberto Eco’s Fiction and Right-Wing Conspiracism

The stories of Umberto Eco and QAnon are those of people desperate for meaning, and of people willing to give them some semblance of it for profit, for power, or even for laughs.

Confessing to a Tree

It is not a unique experience to sit or stand in the presence of a pet or a house plant, or a favorite tree, and to feel that one is not entirely alone.

Hijacking and Escape

Max Gunther is indeed telling an “incredible true story,” but it is not the story of D.B. Cooper.

Full Stop Quarterly: Limits and Listening

When one listens, one opens oneself to the world.

Portugal Is Not a Small Country

There’s something slightly off in the way that Portugal memorializes its past.

The Kind that Consumes You

I’m enamored by a birthright that feels just out of reach.