Born and Raised

It is a quiet kind of oppression to have the world constantly demand an explanation for your complexity.

6 Things You May Have Missed in King Lear

You’ll never look at Shakespeare the same again. Viva Il Duce!

A Toe in the Water off the Tahiti in Your Heart

The horrors on the unknown side of the half-known life have a way of lurking in the corners, not satisfied remaining hidden.

Invisible Peril: A Fucking Didactic Educational Review

People disappear every day, every year. Some people who disappear are killed. Some people who disappear are never found. This is not simply a matter of being smaller than a pixel.

The Great North American Free Trade Agreement Novel

The culprit is always the invader, even if the invader is a child.

Hobby Lobby is a Funny Name

The facts of Hobby Lobby may not be funny, but the name is a continuation of an American tradition of levity.

Thad Starner Straps A Computer To His Face

Given we can have no real political capital against a company like Google, the only resort is to smash it.

The Code

The thing about a dress code is looking presentable. Ultimately, presenting. Presenting is not the same as being. It’s showing people what you’d like them to see.

Reflections on E-Slavement

I saw all the travelers watching films or television on their touchscreens. My grandmother had her earbuds in, too. I thought of the word digital and how it really means to touch.

Army of One

Rodger’s rampage shared the same nihilism as every other Great American Massacre in recent history, a selfishness turned into solipsism.