Sharks; Circling

There’s a profusion, a tailback of vehicles near the water’s edge, in places and positions that cause trouble.

Podcast: Introducing the Inaugural Full Stop Fellows

A discussion with the inaugural Full Stop Fellows.

Full Stop Reviews Supplement: Nazi Literature on the Internet

Small Press Publishing & the Normalization of Fascism

The 100 Best Books of the Decade

The decade’s best books, as selected by the editors of Full Stop.

Podcast #4: Talking Tokarczuk with her translator Jennifer Croft

Translator Magdalena Edwards interviews Jennifer Croft, the translator of Nobel-winner Olga Tokarczuk.

Visual Histories: Metzger, Paterson, and the Cartography of Lyric Time

Time and history are not linear in structure, in other words, but lyric.

My Life is a Tapestry

Graffiti just does not speak to me. Not like tapestries do.

Podcast Episode 3: Hating Valerie Solanas w/ Chavisa Woods

Valerie Solanas has been written off as a worthless artist, remembered only for her violent act against Andy Warhol. We talk with author Chavisa Woods about her recent essay on Solanas, as well as her new book, 100 Times.

Trending Again

The internet is trending again in this year’s catalogue of new and forthcoming books.

An Improbably Literate Hustler

Boyd McDonald, founding editor of Straight to Hell, was the main creative force behind one of the most distinctive underground publications, in fact, the first queer zine. Self-published and crude, Straight to Hell’s sense of urgency was as strong as its contempt for authority.