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All art is for you. All writing is for us. I’m going to say it til I die.

Against Pseudofeminism

Did we forget that other women were fighting for the rights we acquired, and that we must also fight for those who have not yet obtained them? Did our well of solidarity run dry?

Full Stop Quarterly: August 2017

This issue of the Full Stop Quarterly is concerned with the processes and systems that make up and facilitate writing and reading, and in particular with poetry, the perpetual avant-garde.

Ways of Loving

I don’t know what it means to be loved only partially, to be longed for but never as a whole.

Against Gettier Problems

The omniscient narrator is essentially supernatural, a source of information that has no real-world antecedent—in reality even divine revelations are not considered universally trustworthy.

The Doomsday Diaries

To live is to wade through constant endings.

The Radical Audacity of Juliana Hatfield

That this essay is published, that you are reading it, does not suggest that I have arrived at the right way to talk about Juliana Hatfield’s music, why it matters to me, and why that mattering might matter to you.

Angels in Indonesia

Just as angels mediate between humanity and God, announcing His will and drawing us to Him, technologies such as TV deliver messages and incorporate us into the circulatory flow of Western capital, disciplining our desires into the form of the consumer this order demands.

Some Queeries for Harry Styles

The signs that Harry Styles might be ready to offer us something deeper only make the letdown to basicness all the more harsh.

What Happens Next

There are no breaks, no seasons, no episodes: just one unending cliffhanger, and all of us wondering whether or not we’ll die in a nuclear war before he leaves office.