by Stephanie Bernhard

The Dig – Cynan Jones

[Cynan Jones] endeavor[s] to “put the complex into the simple,” to borrow Empson’s definition of the pastoral. Certainly no creature is simpler than a sheep.

The Bad News is Good News

Climate change finally comes to the foreground — what excellent news! Well, actually, a lot of the news is horrible.

How to Talk about Climate Change, Part 3: Who’s Doing the Talking?

We need more women and more people of color to be studying, thinking, writing, and speaking about climate change. The stakes are high.

How to Talk about Climate Change, Part 2: Uncertainty, Present and Future

People are more likely to take climate change seriously if they’re sitting in a hot room than if they are sitting in a cold one.

How to Talk about Climate Change, Part 1: The Blame Game

Since solving climate change requires mass engagement, how we talk about the problem matters as much as the science that confirms its urgency.

Someone – Alice McDermott

You might be more ordinary than you usually like to think yourself.

The Son – Philipp Meyer

Philipp Meyer’s ambitious second novel, The Son, is as broad in scope as Texas is big.

A Few Indignant Words for The Professor

Apparently, our problem is that we are not “people who have suffered.” And it’s true that, despite the mild irritations of a bombed-out economy and dizzying unemployment rates and sky-high student debt and a stagnant government and the threat of climate change, we’re doing okay.

We are Frankenstorm

We have collectively become like a god, unleashing watery fury upon — ourselves.

A Slob’s Apology

Stuff — events — dates — pile up in our individual histories, but to try organizing them in temporal order, to turn time into space via filing, is to fall back on a convenient fiction.