by Paul Morton

George Takei

I admire those who took a principled position and paid the price for it. They fought on battlefields too. Their battlefields were behind the tall, concrete walls of federal penitentiaries.

Guy Delisle

To be completely deprived of your freedom. That always has fascinated me.

Ben Katchor

Book readers miss the disposable nature of newspaper comics. It was a free public utility. They miss seeing the strips surrounded by classified ads placed by actual suffering people.

Lisa Hanawalt

We aren’t supposed to openly discuss shitting in polite society, so making artwork that frankly portrays it is titillating. I think it’s called “desublimation” in fancy art-school terms

Whit Stillman

I don’t know if this has any relevance, but when I was writing Metropolitan I would stop and read passages of Pride and Prejudice as a palette cleanser.

Adrian Tomine

I feel like “Peanuts,” which is probably my favorite comic strip, shows the parade of humiliations of a character’s life, but plays them for empathy and laughs.

A Life in The Closet

“Races condemned to one hundred years of solitude do not get a second chance on this earth.” That line would have no place here. Gilbert Hernandez’s book suggests that Julio’s family, despite all the time nature and history rob them of, do not need another chance to make anything right.

For All the Chaos of Their Bodies

The five short animated films nominated for this year’s Academy Awards are all remarkably conservative in their approach to the animation form.

The Lathe of Heaven

The Lathe of Heaven the only film or TV adaptation of her work with which Ursula Le Guin herself has ever been pleased. And I can see why.

Harvey Kurtzman’s Corpse on the Imjin

We still wish to believe that every single person who wears this uniform is a hero, someone we should emulate. Harvey Kurtzman would have none of that.