by Michael Schapira

20 4 420: Irie Edition

In a 1931 journal entry Wittgenstein wrote, “The works of great masters are suns which rise and set around us. The time will come for every great work that is now in the descendent to rise again.” This may be the most Irie remark that he ever set to paper and serves as a fine […]

Bill Cotter

In the novel, I built up the plot about halfway, and let the characters take over from there; I just watched what they did, and sometimes they did awful, gory things.

Janet Roitman

You can’t say that this object is a world with crisis and this object is a world without crisis. Empirically we can’t do that; it’s a logical distinction, we can only have crisis and anti-crisis.

Annemarie Jacir

I don’t consider hopefulness to be a naïve thing or just for the young and the idealistic. The people I respect the most are people that have survived some stuff and they have this hope — that is what they have found.

Guthrie Ramsey

As someone who cares about the reputations of these musicians that I write about, I don’t want to participate in the further exiling of them to this weird corner of American music history.

Algerian Chronicles – Albert Camus

In Algerian Chronicles we get both the settled position of Camus on Algerian independence and a study of what led to this exasperated tone – namely the insufficiencies of humanist principles to get a fair hearing during a particular kind of political sequence.

Jodi Wille

The Source Family was a high-risk situation, like any radical group or radical experiment. It was never a promise that they were going on a safe journey.

Philip Mosley

Hollywood invariably has trouble with unadorned representations of the poor and the disadvantaged whose life stories may not produce positive resolutions in the form of glamor, adventure, triumphant individualism, and social mobility.

The New Gods – Emil Cioran

Is Emil Cioran an author to be feared?

Rachel Kushner

Art is about play and about transcendent meanings, not reducible to politics.