by Michael Schapira

Žiga Virc

Paradoxically one way to cover a conspiracy is to present it as a conspiracy theory and count on the fact that it will not be taken seriously.

20 4 420: Irie Edition

I spoke of the exodus and of the repatrination. I quoted Prince Far-I: ‘We’re moving out of Babylon/ One destination, ina Ithiopia …’, I quoted. ‘Ithiopia, the tyrants are falling/ Ithiopia, Britain the great is falling…’

Friedrich Nietzsche: Edu-hater

“Honored listeners,” “Honored listeners!” “Honored audience!,” then back to “Honored listeners!” for the final two lectures. So Nietzsche would greet those assembled at Basel’s city museum in the early months of 1872 to hear the talented young philologist and recent university hire speak “On the Future of our Educational Institutions.” (republished by NYRB as Anti-Education). […]

Joshua Bloom (pt 2)

I think at a fundamental level, that’s the first thing for understanding the Party. The Party was about people trying to challenge the oppressive conditions that they faced and not being able to do it alone.

Joshua Bloom

Well, you know, nothing succeeds like success. Why do the Young Lords and the Red Guard and the Young Patriots and everybody else model themselves after the Party? Because they were super influential. Because they were making things happen.

The Roar of Morning – Tip Marugg

The Roar of Morning is quite anti-climactic — in a digressive and descriptive mode it falls well short of self-knowledge or it fails to intimate truths, those buried umbilical cords, that an apocalyptic event is waiting to disinter.

Martin Munro

Ultimately I am interested in Caribbean writing for itself, on its own terms. I am interested in it because it is interesting.

The Numero Group: Rob Sevier and Ken Shipley

We’ve had a manifest destiny mindset since the beginning. Our goal is to be the largest AND best independent catalog company in the world, which means making left turns at right turn only intersections.

Harraga – Boualem Sansal

The canon of world literature should not just reflect a liberal-humanist position.

glo: Lauri Stallings and Mary Virginia Coleman

glo has this great persistence to it. I would probably be put on fire if I ask any less of myself, the world, human nature, the human condition — no one would hang around.