by Michael Schapira

Lars Iyer

In my current novels, the satyr play is interwoven with the tragedy. Seriousness and fun are intertwined, philosophy, the former queen of the sciences is one with its jester …

Keith Bendis

Bierce’s cynicism of our institutions, the rich, religion, and common beliefs could have been written yesterday.

Zach Schwartz-Weinstein

You really need to think strategically about how universities work, how they are trying to invest their capital, and then go after them on those grounds, and use our positionality as contingent academics to our advantage.

Kim Tolley

I think graduate students deserve the right to organize. So if I can help people understand that it’s not hard to start, I’ll feel very happy with this interview. 

Mark Doten

I wanted to create a situation that Trump would not be able to actually catch up to in reality.

20 4 420: Irie Edition

In the immortal and ominous words of Prince Buster, “Enjoy Yourself, it’s later than you think.”

Tim Ingold

For me the great thing about anthropology – and the reason I remain an anthropologist – lies in this freedom that it grants its practitioners to roam intellectually.

Stanley Corngold

Did Congress know that as a result of Sputnik we were going to have a deconstruction-mad America?

A Marxist Education – Wayne Au

The overdetermination of education as a moral endeavor is rife both within the profession and in public and political discourse.

Malcolm Harris

It’s fun to see people talk about revolution seriously, because they can’t imagine anything else anymore and it’s starting to enter the consciousness.