by Michael Schapira

The Wisconsin Blues

“Meet the state’s workforce needs” is a dangerous misreading of what it means for universities to provide a public benefit.

Andrew Hartman

The metaphor of war works from the assumption that there is no consensus, that there never was agreement to begin with.

Captives – Norman Manea

Captives speaks to Sebald’s call to stick within the register of memory, even if memory has been stripped of its supporting features.

Hunter Kennedy

It never reached the level of aesthetic. That’s like a craps shooter talking about his skill with dice. I was just hoping to get lucky.

Lori Cole

The questionnaire punctures the bravado of the manifesto, which is such a singular, almost bold, optimistic doctrine or document. The questionnaire allows room for doubt, ambivalence, dissent, and debate.

Chris Andrews

I read Bolaño first as a general reader, then as a translator, and finally as a critic.

Robert Meister – pt. 2

In California belief in the goodness of our state universities is best understood as a civic religion, which makes it difficult when faculty like me and Chris Newfield try to tell the public that its universities have become worse

Robert Meister – pt. 1

In colloquial terms we say possession is nine tenths of the law — well the other tenth is reparations.

Frédéric Gros

Nietzsche didn’t walk because he wanted to rest, because he wanted to recover from the fatigue of writing. The only way for him to feel good was to go walking, so he set out into the mountains with notebooks.

Paul Buhle

There’s an element of bohemianism that speaks to a sense of political futility or at least extreme difficulty of anything like political change. That’s where we are now.