Thanks to a fortuitous internet stumble after finishing Bill Forsyth’s 1987 adaptation of Housekeeping I ran across the following on IMDB: James Ivory will direct a film adaptation of Marilynne Robinson’s 2005 Pulitzer Prize winning novel Gilead.

Beyond writing credits for Robinson, and James Lasdun and a release date in 2013, no information pertaining to the film exists at this point. Although Merchant Ivory Production’s involvement does signify an appropriate level of seriousness (very).

Update: a little internet scrubbing has yielded the following fluff: Ivory is/was planning on combining Gilead and Home to make one film and has admitted to envisioning Robert Downey, Jr., as Jack Boughton and Clint Eastwood as John Ames.Say it aint so, Jim!

Anyway, the news is sparse at the moment (those last tidbits came from interviews Ivory did last summer) but I’m sure we’ll hear more soon.





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