by Franziska Lamprecht

Ama Birch


You can disappear in a variety of ways – you can just not be spoken about, you can not be seen, the media disappears people all the time.

Difficult Light – Tomás González


I remember my intuitive reluctance to use the word “deadline,” when I learned the word in English, it sounded hostile when someone told me for the first time: “You need to meet this deadline.” To get killed, I wondered?

Lake Like a Mirror – Ho Sok Fong


The business of dehumanizing people and pushing them off the part of the earth that can be shared with other humans, is mostly the pretty mundane.

Socialist Realism – Trisha Low


Maybe this is, more than anything else, about a series of starting points. We have not started fighting yet.

Days by Moonlight – André Alexis


There is humble humanity in the basic understanding that whatever humans do will trigger an “avalanche of meaning,” and that the task of being human might be to recognize and consider as many of the nuances and reasons as one can.

Savage Conversations – LeAnne Howe


What kind of satisfaction comes with the action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for a wrong suffered at their hands, and what kind of pleasure comes with receiving such vengeance? Who has the need, the right, the duty, the perversity?

Fox – Dubravka Ugrešić


The moment I looked at the frightened animal in the corner of a dirty cage, I knew that writers and storytellers were dangerous manipulators.

The Stolen Bicycle – Wu Ming-Yi


How amazing it is, I thought, while flipping through book after book after book after zine after book, that I am here with THE STOLEN BICYCLE in my backpack, that we are in 2018 and still use paper, ink, and energy to capture, print, and sell random people’s precious moments of the past.

Ma Bo’le’s Second Life – Xiao Hong


The reader will have to decide if it is ok to do the wrong thing for the right reason or the right thing for the wrong reason or the right thing for the right reason or the wrong thing for the wrong reason.

The Years, Months, Days – Yan Lianke


It is the confusion that comes with the real-life impact of intangible things that causes the most destruction.