Bloodletting in Minor Scales – Justin Limoli

The dismissal of “heaviness” from experimental or mainstream quarters alike is an evasion.

The Boy Who Stole Attila’s Horse – Iván Repila

“Small goes on dying for days, and his brother goes on keeping him alive. As if they were playing.” This is Repila’s game, and he’s good at it.

The Mark and the Void – Paul Murray

Murray pulls off the impossible. He writes a funny, poignant, human, and philosophical novel about an investment banker.

Into the Valley – Ruth Galm

B., like many other white members of her zeitgeist, cannot embrace her cultural present, so she tries to pilgrimage back in time.

Gold Fame Citrus – Claire Vaye Watkins

[Gold Fame Citrus] speaks to the part of me that sees a drained lake as more than a localized crisis affecting only a handful of fish, and wonders about the texture and shape of the greater crisis that an event like this portends.

Tender Points – Amy Berkowitz

In this short but expansive book which reads sometimes like poetry, sometimes like philosophy, and always like resistance, Berkowitz encourages us to become authoritative about our own experiences.

Martin John – Anakana Schofield

Martin John is not so much a character as a caricature of masculinity, a figure that, though, granted a privileged position in meaning’s labyrinth, is, nevertheless, caught in his own circuit, fumbling with his zipper.

The Roar of Morning – Tip Marugg

The Roar of Morning is quite anti-climactic — in a digressive and descriptive mode it falls well short of self-knowledge or it fails to intimate truths, those buried umbilical cords, that an apocalyptic event is waiting to disinter.

A Manual for Cleaning Women – Lucia Berlin

Berlin’s stories examine the consequences of living as if one were free when one is, because female, necessarily not.

The Same City – Luisgé Martín

Somewhere in the fibers of the book’s skeleton, there is a legitimate philosophical argument about free will or a lack thereof, and in many circumstances, it might be an interesting one.