The Infinite Future – Tim Wirkus

To visit another world and glean its wisdom and come back with it — that is the task of the translator.

The Comedown – Rebekah Frumkin

One wonders indeed how far back we might trace the sources of a family’s anxieties, the original sins of the original fathers, a neurotic first mover.

Fabulous – madison moore

moore’s own practice of writing FABULOUS extends his project, creating another, more intangible and theoretical, place for these brown, queer, and fabulous lives.

Missives from the Green Campaign – David Armstrong

We exchange small gods for growing things, and are content.

Transit Comet Eclipse – Muharem Bazdulj

Are these characters mere wood for the burning furnance of an Auster-enamored author?

Good Stock Strange Blood – Dawn Lundy Martin

Martin takes no heed; the pages of this book are rife with violence, both outside and within the family, the home.

The Overstory – Richard Powers

What if a hundred thousand humans dressed as trees and migrated to Washington? How about a “War on Christmas (Trees)”? Fleet-footed activists come out at night and spray the trees for sale on city streets with orange paint, recalling Agent Orange and disrupting wasteful tree farms.

UFO Drawings from the National Archives – David Clarke

Neither Mulder nor Scully nor us ever found joy in a narrative that offered us “the truth” since the “out there” was always more than enough.

The Unmapped Country – Ann Quin

The substance of Ann Quin’s novels are not to be found in their stories but in the ways in which Quin displaces the story without ever quite abandoning it.

Census – Jesse Ball

What should we expect of a novel? A momentary escape from gray-skied reality? A catalyst for personal realization? Census provided none of these possibilities for me.