The Old Man and the Bench – Urs Allemann

It’s not spoiling anything to say that the old man’s twaddle does eventually stop.

A Book So Red – Rachel Levy

Desire expands, complicates (to staples, to other women) when you fuck with clichés.

The Fall of Language in the Age of English – Minae Mizumura

The kids don’t read enough, but even if they do, they don’t read the good stuff.

I, Bartleby – Meredith Quartermain

I, Bartleby is reluctant to provide those markers we most associate with “short stories.”

First Year Healthy – Michael DeForge

An imaginative take on the difficult project of reintegrating into mainstream society after a mental health crisis that diagnoses our social and cultural systems as incapable of caring for others.

The Utopia of Rules – David Graeber

This book of essays stands out less for the questions it asks, than for the assumptions that it refuses to question.

The Foundling’s War – Michel Déon

An underreported entrance into the forum of American letters.

The Argonauts – Maggie Nelson

Words might not always be good enough, but they’re the best we have, and Maggie Nelson is one of the best writers alive to use them.

Dear Herculine – Aaron Apps

Dear Herculine responds to the trauma of shame in a curious way, by failing to do precisely what shame is supposed to induce one to do: cover up.

‘SSES” ‘SSES” “SSEY’, vols 0 + 1 – Chaulky White

A hectic, dense, ‘zine-like object of utter catharsis.