Haints Stay – Colin Winnette

Haints Stay is dark, and bloody, and violent: raw and cutthroat and still capable of reducing you to helpless snickers.

The Dig – Cynan Jones

[Cynan Jones] endeavor[s] to “put the complex into the simple,” to borrow Empson’s definition of the pastoral. Certainly no creature is simpler than a sheep.

The Essence of Jargon – Alice Becker-Ho

Slang words may have multiple origins and equivalents, taking sometimes-meandering paths to their final meaning.

The Room – Jonas Karlsson

However, it’s not long before Björn discovers a problem with the room: he is the only one who can see it.

Turtleface and Beyond – Arthur Bradford

He’s like Buster Keaton, but without the rubbery grace and stoic sobriety.

Seveneves – Neal Stephenson

Seveneves reflects on the destruction of life on Earth, the construction of a human habitat in space, and the eventual revival of and return to planet.

Another Man’s City – Ch’oe In-ho

In-ho’s great challenge is to dream up the sinless man.

Moods – Yoel Hoffmann

If there is any form that this strange yet beautiful book nods to more than any other, it is the diary, and death is everywhere in its pages.

The Future – Marc Augé / Heroes – Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi

Neither Augé nor Bifo wants the future to be a dodge, and nor should we.

The Outer Harbour – Wayde Compton

Without the rubric of race and ethnicity applied, she is unclassifiable, and therefore both powerful and vulnerable.