Three Moments of an Explosion – China Miéville

Miéville has always been interested in more than simply making us shiver.

Garments Against Women – Anne Boyer

What’s the difference between wide hope and desperation? I was trying to hold everything together, all at once.

The Dirty Dust – Máirtín Ó Cadhain

There are no philosophers or historians in the dirty dust, only gossips and fabulists.

Lurid & Cute – Adam Thirlwell

Thirlwell’s achievement is in creating a character who is difficult — nay, impossible — to like, and yet, like Humbert Humbert, propulsive.

Eileen – Ottessa Moshfegh

The prose does quick, good work. But it’s an uncomfortable consciousness to inhabit for long, sad-making and stomach-turning.

The Vorrh – Brian Catling

Dreamlike and horrifying, The Vorrh is permeated with an ominous power.

Oreo – Fran Ross

Ross’s novel offers readers an unending stream of snort-worthy punchlines with implicit boundaries for who can access this story and how they can.

Slab – Selah Saterstrom

Saterstrom gives voice to one of the American untouchables. It’s a complicated, beautiful, whimsical, troubling, and heart-breaking voice.

The Beautiful Bureaucrat – Helen Phillips

The Beautiful Bureaucrat revels in its playful and dark take on contemporary life, and yet never loses sight of its commitment to the brazen, and perhaps stupid, curiosity of the human.

Sundogz – Mark von Schlegell

A theatrical production of Shakespeare’s Pericles utilized the brain waves of its performers to project a poetic spectacle, a dreamlike, semi-unconscious generation.