Heavens on Earth – Carmen Boullosa

Language is as much for sharing, being together, as it is for suppressing, delegitimizing.

Communion – TJ Beitelman

Beitelman is a kind of kinder Carver.

The Great American Songbook – Sam Allingham

What Allingham shows is that songs are most effective when their writers embrace the limitations their medium presents, and cannily exploit these to draw attention to their project’s artifice.

To Love the Coming End – Leanne Dunic

This Japan is pedestrian and epic, lyric and prosaic, like so much of the book.

The Idiot – Elif Batuman

Art about failure, about idiocy — which so much of our art today is — always seems to have this same sense of disingenuousness about it.

Rayfish – Mary Hickman

Transplanting, mirroring, translation — each conserves some part of the original, even if some other part is lost.

Recitation – Bae Suah

I keep wondering what it means for a city to be no-place. What it means to make home out of no-place.

Beyond the Blurb – Daniel Green

The divide between the top capos of Big 5 publishing and the assistants that execute their bidding is more vast and unscalable than ever before.

The Willow King – Meelis Friedenthal

With our own era’s debates on science, truth, and the merit of religion, THE WILLOW KING makes us appreciate how much, and how little, have changed in the intervening three hundred years.

Against Everything – Mark Greif

It is Greif’s willingness to court his own ambivalences and inconsistencies that make these essays both enjoyable and genuinely edifying.