Relief Map – Rosalie Knecht

Reviewers might describe RELIEF MAP as a coming-of-age novel but I’m disinclined to characterize it as such, because the term to me implies a more histrionic change in character or situation than in the novel.

The Border of Paradise – Esmé Weijun Wang

Consider THE BELL JAR and GIRL, INTERRUPTED. Esmé Weijun Wang’s debut novel THE BORDER OF PARADISE is a different kind of narrative about mental illness.

Dynamo Island – David Scott

In a world with no chill, Dynamo Island is nearly all chill.

Proxies: Essays Near Knowing – Brian Blanchfield

[Blanchfield] thus recalibrates the Cartesian cogito as a statement of uncertainty that lies at the basis of our being: I mistake, therefore I am.

Agony – Mark Beyer

“I’m turning into a human skeleton!” was particularly resonant and touches on what I think to be Agony’s universal appeal.

The Fishermen – Chigozie Obioma

THE FISHERMEN is less an allegory than a story about our desire to fit the past into one.

Studies in Hybrid Morphology – Matt Tompkins

Matt Tompkins’ Studies in Hybrid Morphology might be perused as a codex of potential trans-human identities.

The 7th Man – Melanie Rae Thon

“Someone has to die so that the rest of us shall value life more,” said Virginia Woolf, and Thon deftly animates this theorem.

Oblivion – Sergei Lebedev

OBLIVION’s task is a vital one: to recover Russia’s collectively repressed memories of the prison labor camps under Stalin.

Ways to Disappear – Idra Novey

As happens from time to time with critically successful artists, it is almost a fait accompli that the world discovers disparities between the quality of the art and the quality of the creator.