Ben Katchor

Book readers miss the disposable nature of newspaper comics. It was a free public utility. They miss seeing the strips surrounded by classified ads placed by actual suffering people.

Joe Milazzo

I’ve always marveled at the architectural lexicon and the placid furiousness with which it names every feature, every ornament, every force.

Odie Lindsey

I think the South has yet to reconcile itself to its own complexity. It’s not exclusive to the region, but I think we have this sense that we need to hold onto one single narrative.

Aaron Winslow & Shiv Kotecha

In a way, Jobs is a homage to that pulp sensibility within which all the different modes of genre writing intersected in one insanity-producing cauldron.

Paula Whyman

I like my characters complicated. People are complicated.

Lisa Hanawalt

We aren’t supposed to openly discuss shitting in polite society, so making artwork that frankly portrays it is titillating. I think it’s called “desublimation” in fancy art-school terms

Cole Lavalais

I hope readers feel as if they know Vi by the end of the book, but also realize it’s all they know. Vi’s experience is not every black woman’s experience.

Steven Dunn

Like Nas captured the energy of his New York, I wanted to capture the energy of my West Virginia.

Paul Devlin, pt. 3

The Library of America volume, which reflects many findings made over the past year, will be the most important document for the study of Albert Murray’s life and work for many years to come.

Paul Devlin, pt. 2

“Murray and Ellison were present at the creation of public television.”