The Irate8

We basically wanted President Ono to say that he acknowledged that this was a murder, a hurtful thing. The University kept referring to it as “the incident.”

Chris Martin

I want poetry to till and tilt. I want it to renew and restage difficult questions from unexpected perspectives.

Miles Klee

There are writers who can really unravel a sweater with slow deliberate style, but, if anything, I must underwrite. I’m always trying to get out of explaining or defining anything.

Bill Clegg

The biggest impact on my method was how I’ve seen writers back themselves into a corner or become exasperated with various dead ends and move beyond that to completion and artistic excitement.

Nell Zink

A first-person narrator is allowed to be unreliable. The voice is like a dirty windshield at night in the rain. Even if all you see is glare and blobs, you assume whatever’s out there is real. But the second an omniscient narrator makes a continuity mistake, readers want to kick its ass.

Martin Munro

Ultimately I am interested in Caribbean writing for itself, on its own terms. I am interested in it because it is interesting.

Hua Hsu

My book considers these fairly elite, mainstream conversations about China and America’s shared future. But it’s also about the construction of authority, the spirit of competition that underlies all intellectual endeavor.

Scott Cheshire

What happens if you’re not religious, but religion’s still the lens through which you see the world?

Ottessa Moshfegh

This needs more subjectivity and observation. Tell me more about being nervous.

Sara Veglahn

Can I language something that is inherently beyond language? Can I actually render a moment or emotion? Can I create something as beautiful as a Tarkovsky film or as provocative and strange as a Pina Bausch choreography?