Sasha Fletcher

The last person I was in love with was an Episcopalian who taught me about Joy Williams, and who is maybe the only person I have ever written a decent poem directly about, to, and for.

Elizabeth Richebourg Rea

“Short stories as a literary form with popular and commercial appeal are always either dying or making a comeback, it seems.”

Marisa J. Fuentes

“I think anyone working on or in the archives of slavery is dealing with the supernatural.”

Lauren Levin

“I wanted to write a book that, as Anne Boyer says, ‘isn’t against us.'”

Geoffrey Sanborn

“William Wells Brown is one of the great American patron saints of dodginess.”

Keegan Lester

“I just want to help people get closer to the feelings they want to feel.”

Philippe Girard

It was important to understand Toussaint Louverture’s importance as an icon in people’s hearts today, and for that I had to be in Haiti.

M Kitchell

For me if desire were not so impossibly complicated I would not be interested in writing about it. Perhaps pushing desire toward death is a way to banalize, to some extent, what is so incredibly complicated.

David Galef

Recommend edits and hope that doesn’t lose you some friends.

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