George Packer

Far from beginning to close the gap, the financial crisis and the recession have opened it even wider. It’s like nothing stops it. Every week there’s a story that is essentially that story.

Amara Lakhous

There are sociologists and anthropologists who can do a great job of describing Italy. They have data, theories, studies, statistics. But a writer arrives at it through language and describes the society that is emerging through language.

Jennifer Percy

Exorcism is just a lie we tell ourselves in order to survive.

Bill Cotter

In the novel, I built up the plot about halfway, and let the characters take over from there; I just watched what they did, and sometimes they did awful, gory things.

Phil Klay

There’s often a sort of mysticism about war, wherein war is supposed to be a kind of ineffable experience that forever separates the veteran from the civilian in ways that cannot be expressed. I’m very wary of those sorts of claims.

Jason Ockert

The way I see it, the only truth a fiction writer is bound by is an emotional one.

Janet Roitman

You can’t say that this object is a world with crisis and this object is a world without crisis. Empirically we can’t do that; it’s a logical distinction, we can only have crisis and anti-crisis.

Laura A. Warman

Today, not only is the personal political, the personal is celebrity.

Jason Porter

I need to believe in the artistic validity of the misshapen, or there won’t be a lot of room for me as a writer.

Ben Marcus

You don’t have to know how you swing the bat, you just have to do it. Later on, you have to step back and pretend you know what the fuck you’re doing and that you have a theory about it.