Adam Ehrlich Sachs

“I can’t fucking do this anymore.”

Rosalie Knecht

The default world of literary fiction is a very professional class, with occasional sprinkles of They Closed the Mill and Now We’re All on OxyContin. I wanted to be more matter of fact about post-industrial small town life.

William Egginton

Don Quixote is a novel about how sure we humans are about what we know to be true, how dreadfully wrong we can be, and how incredibly funny that fact is.

Sudhir Hazareesingh

There is no people among whom abstract ideas have played such a great role, whose history is rife with such formidable philosophical tendencies, and where individuals are so oblivious to facts

James Faubion

One can call for interdisciplinarity all one wants, but if one is not actually engaging people in practices that allow them to embody the capacity to be interdisciplinary, then it’s not going to work.

Žiga Virc

Paradoxically one way to cover a conspiracy is to present it as a conspiracy theory and count on the fact that it will not be taken seriously.

Tony Tulathimutte part 2

Any art is a sacrifice. Such an investment. So much time spent alone. So little praise. It’s not legitimized as a profession. Money is scarce. It’s not something that even if you’re immensely successful most people will be aware of.

Tony Tulathimutte

By exaggerating the stereotype, you poke fun at it; then when you take the extra trouble to really flesh out the person as an individual, the identity stuff can’t help but seem minimal.

Joshua Bloom

Well, you know, nothing succeeds like success. Why do the Young Lords and the Red Guard and the Young Patriots and everybody else model themselves after the Party? Because they were super influential. Because they were making things happen.

Jennine Capó Crucet

I’ve never felt more that I was making a tangible difference in the world on a day-to-day basis than when I worked there. And for that reason, it was the biggest threat to my writing career that I’ve ever had.