Andrew Hartman

The metaphor of war works from the assumption that there is no consensus, that there never was agreement to begin with.

Cynan Jones

I trust the reader to be able to understand the horror and tenderness innate in a situation. My job is to write it down as clearly as I can, and without judgment. There’s a difference between voyeurism and witness.

Matthew Stokoe

I know some of them have extreme content, but to me it’s always been organic to the stories and not designed to shock for shock’s sake. To me, all my books are serious books, written with serious intent.

Michael Christie

I find it both beautiful and sad how these great expectations can fail to pan out, and how people can still find life in the aftermath.

Elisa Albert

We identify so completely with our own suffering, then wish to visit our suffering upon others in turn. Makes one wish we could just have a nice simple fistfight and be done.

Esther Cooper Jackson

Esther recalls her comrades in the seemingly unending struggle for civil rights in the U.S., and explicates the mysteries of race and kinship in this contradictory country.

Hunter Kennedy

It never reached the level of aesthetic. That’s like a craps shooter talking about his skill with dice. I was just hoping to get lucky.

John Dermot Woods

I didn’t want to provide my reader with the solace of a comfortable laugh. I think the best laughs are ones we feel guilty about indulging in.

Hemingway-Pfeiffer House

Hemingway once explained: There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. If that is the case, then there was much blood shed in this barn.

Lori Cole

The questionnaire punctures the bravado of the manifesto, which is such a singular, almost bold, optimistic doctrine or document. The questionnaire allows room for doubt, ambivalence, dissent, and debate.