The Brooklyn Jumbies

We went to Occupy Wall Street to affect people. What we did on Wall Street didn’t solve any problems. But it was effective. We weren’t just protesting financiers. We were also trying to calm everyone down

The Situation in American Writing: Courtney Maum

I have spent a lot of time recently preoccupied with the feeling that the end is somewhat near.

Best of Interviews, 2014

Over this past year we have featured conversations of an astonishing range.

The Situation in American Writing: Chris Kraus

The art world reads less fiction maybe, but more philosophy and critical theory. Also, the art world reads poetry.

The Situation in American Writing: Molly Antopol

I often feel as if I’m writing not for a particular audience but for a better version of myself.

Amitava Kumar

Style, whether in fiction or nonfiction, is always, always, always, the curry in which the goat gets cooked.

Anne Valente

I like not necessarily knowing the distinction between we and them, and the breaking down of borders that this allows.

David Blacker

Maybe we are fucked, it’s completely possible. Maybe there are structures that are more powerful than individual agency, or even collective agency to overcome in certain situations.

Chris Andrews

I read Bolaño first as a general reader, then as a translator, and finally as a critic.

Simon Critchley

Bowie . . . is the most important artist of the last forty years, for me, in any medium — any medium, books, anything.