Cloudy with a Chance of Passive-Aggression

I’ve come to wonder if anger itself is a social justice issue — the right to speak forthrightly, not as a member of a particular group or identity but as part of the human experience.

Separating Flesh From Bone

Now, more than ever, there is a need for returning to the literature penned in nature’s defense.

Barbarians at The Met

Museums are willing to concede the vulgar desecration of our most sacred objects to suit the fickle whims of the lowest cultural common denominator, the tourist.

Stuff I’ve Read in the Last Month (Or So): The Body

A tip for any teens who might be reading this: find an artist your own age to grow up with.

Two Nations Under God

The United States has two flags. One for when the Constitution is being observed. The other for when it isn’t. Or so say thousands of Americans known as the sovereigns.

All the Good Stories Are Real

What we crave is the unexplainable, the limitless. What we want are stories that, like ourselves, still contain a stubborn mystery.

Rhizomes, Torrenting, and Thom Yorke

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes must be considered in a way that understands the nature of the mode of communication through which it is accessed as a part of the artistic intent.

The Reporter

The danger with self-monitoring is, of course, that it becomes a kind of consuming navel-gaze activity, one that glorifies the self and the unimportant minutiae in that person’s life. Who else cares about this stuff?

Where the Wild Things Went

Emotional precarity — the wildness, the effervescent joy and crushing despair and uncertainty that chart the emotional landscape of most young people — is appealing for some time. It is interesting. It is also easy.

The Proustian Gif

The gif, as a miniature model of specific experience, can be seen as a first faltering step towards a kind of tech-utopian vision.