Babelsprech International: Dutch Poetry, Part 1

While Dutch slam poetry has never been programmatic in a very explicit sense, much less political, it can be seen as a cultural force with the power to pry open the literary field.


Sing to me the beginning of all things.

Stupid Loud Pop Music  

Pop music is instead the soup we swim in, the fabric of your genes brushing on your knees.

I Object

Is a place an object? Is a building? If I cannot go there anymore, have I lost it? Is the experience of loss, in that it is always a losing of some thing, to objectify? If I am lost without it do I become an object myself?

The Great Warholian Novel

Was it in fact Warhol who wrote the Great American Novel?

In Praise of Tender Machines

Technology also acts as a direct vector of memory. There are few feelings stranger than sitting in bed in your underwear, photoshopping a snapshot of your dead grandparents.

Against Identity

Making ourselves, and each other, stronger, will not be achieved by identity politics, because identity politics are concerned with what’s already there, not what could be.

Tie Your Own Rope

One of the most important albums of my life is the album I spent almost twenty years not listening to.

Vannevar Bush’s Automatic Microtome

There is no way to know, but perhaps Vannevar’s vision by slicing could have taken different forms in the contemporary age. I cannot stop thinking about this slicing-as-vision in parallel with contemporary means of control.

The 10 Best-Worst Things I Ate in 2014

Instead of reviewing the best, which risks a sappy food-gazing given voice, it might be more revealing to ask: what were the worst things I ate this year?