Rhizomes, Torrenting, and Thom Yorke

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes must be considered in a way that understands the nature of the mode of communication through which it is accessed as a part of the artistic intent.

The Reporter

The danger with self-monitoring is, of course, that it becomes a kind of consuming navel-gaze activity, one that glorifies the self and the unimportant minutiae in that person’s life. Who else cares about this stuff?

Where the Wild Things Went

Emotional precarity — the wildness, the effervescent joy and crushing despair and uncertainty that chart the emotional landscape of most young people — is appealing for some time. It is interesting. It is also easy.

The Proustian Gif

The gif, as a miniature model of specific experience, can be seen as a first faltering step towards a kind of tech-utopian vision.

Choices in the Labyrinth

The end is pulled and the void grows, the object is eaten out from the inside to become an Other, the reel disappears and a ball grows out from the centre in my hands.

On Vermeer’s View of Delft

As the picture of the dogs playing poker is for Homer Simpson — for myself at least, just to look upon one of Vermeer’s paintings, is to go mad.

The Big Umbrella

How many people in China even knew the protests in Hong Kong were happening?

Uncomfortable Enthusiasm

One cannot have an uncomfortable enthusiasm for luxury goods. One cannot have an uncomfortable enthusiasm for Bach or caviar.

Against the West: On Minae Mizumura’s A True Novel

Rare is the budding emigrant writer who rejects both America and its language, ensconcing herself in her room to devour books in her mother tongue.

Writing Gigs: 10/13/14

Happy Columbus Day, writers! After exploring the internet’s vast sea of job listings, I discovered some remote writing gigs that will make you shout Work ho!