by The Editors

Translation Questionnaire: Natasha Wimmer

A tentative translation is likely to be an uneven, unpersuasive one.

Translation Questionnaire: Michael Emmerich

When we translate, if only for a time, we breathe that special air. And that air is addictive.

Translation Questionnaire: Joshua Daniel Edwin

When asked if his Spanish was good enough to translate Gabriel García Márquez, Gregory Rabassa said that the real question should be: Is my English good enough?

Translation Questionnaire: Danuta Borchardt

I derive particular satisfaction from delving, in language, into my native Polish core. Having been an exile of many years, this has a particular relevance and poignancy.

Translation Questionnaire: Karen Emmerich

Our Translation Questionnaire continues, with Karen Emmerich, translator of modern Greek poetry and prose.

Translation Questionnaire: Humphrey Davies

Our Translation Questionnaire continues, with Humphrey Davies.

Translation Questionnaire: Susan Bernofsky

Introducing the Translation Questionnaire, with Susan Bernofsky.

Of Juice and Joy

A peacock in spring makes derangéd love to the muddy hill.

10 Quotes from Writers Who Loved a Stiff Drink

Nose-painting, sleep, and urine.

TL;DR: Astra Taylor

I’m standing by books because they offer writers the space to dig in, to see if formal innovations and experiments can hold up, and provide the space for authors to take ideas to their limits.