by Allison Noelle Conner

On Haiti and the Resistive Imagination

The zombie of the Revolution has now infiltrated popular culture, history, and creative expressions.

The Changeling – Joy Williams

By novel’s end, you’ve been swallowed up and spat out, doused in stinging wetness and covered in luminescent fur.

My Heart Hemmed In – Marie NDiaye

NDiaye, who is half French and half Senegalese, drains the narrative of the usual markers of identity, leaving behind elemental psychological processes and beguiling allusions.

Swallow the Fish – Gabrielle Civil

Civil upends our assumptions around artistic displays of the body, demands we consider the fact that performance art engages with unruly ghosts and wounded riddles.

Recitation – Bae Suah

I keep wondering what it means for a city to be no-place. What it means to make home out of no-place.

Visceral Poetics – Eleni Stecopoulos

In [Stecopoulos’] travels through health, “words, vocables, writing, and philological aura” exist as medical technology.

Restless Continent – Aja Couchois Duncan

The speaker, a person split between Ojibwe and European lineages, is uninterested in narratives that paint the colonization of the North American continent as a sentimental tale of innocence lost and civilization found. How would the earth remember?

Style – Dolores Dorantes

Where is violence manufactured? What styles allow and encourage our conditioning, our reproducing? How to be in systems that place you in permanent states of negation?

Tropisms – Nathalie Sarraute

Seventy-seven years later, Sarraute’s writing continues to unnerve and interrogate our readerly expectations.