by Jesse Miller

Full Stop Reviews Supplement: Summer 2021


The features in this special issue optimistically find, in instances of black art and in black life, practices of world building.

The Full Stop Reviews Supplement #4


[These pieces] demonstrate what book critics can learn from acts of creative reading, finding in them an image of criticism as creative practice.

The Full Stop Reviews Supplement #3


Instead of treating the pdf as a site of loss, a dematerialization of the codex, this issue of the Full Stop Reviews Supplement posits the pdf as a material site of possibility.

Lisa Diedrich


I think of illness politics as similar to and connected to and intersecting with sexual politics and racial politics and class politics. Disability activists are some of the people doing this work the best right now, because they really understand that disability is central to almost everything that we do as a society.

Going Viral


Alena Graedon’s THE WORD EXCHANGE and Ben Marcus’ THE FLAME ALPHABET explore the traumatic capacities of language by imagining it is a virus.

The Sad Passions – Veronica Gonzalez Peña


Reading The Sad Passions is a conundrum, an exercise in both empathy and ambivalence.

A Commencement Address From the Slapstick President


Where President Obama balances between will and inevitability, we find Buster Keaton, on commencement day, not charging ahead to shape a future, but pausing, vacillating, everywhere at once. Bumbling, stumbling, crashing forward.

Diving into the Shallows


LUMINOUS AIRPLANES is an experiment for living, a model kit for making decisions where the instructions have been left out, or poorly translated, or really never existed in the first place.

The Book of Emotions – João Almino


What does it mean? What is reality?

House of the Fortunate Buddhas – João Ubaldo Ribeiro


Over the course of her oral (and anal, and vaginal) narrative, the novel’s narrator reminisces on these and many other encounters in her list of lifelong sexual exploits. She is witty as a whip (and probably good with one too).