by Devin Kelly

Sam Farahmand


“Fiction can give meaning to the world and fiction can make sense of the world, but then, because it is fiction after all, it also makes a good case for questioning whether anything is for anything.”

Olga Livshin


But the hope in my book, and the books of others I admire, is flickering, textured, not pure.

Peter Mishler


I would prefer to stay on the side of generosity.

Jaclyn Gilbert


In life, like love, or the shape of a story itself, time is fast and slow at once, compressed and expanded; it is never as simple or singular as a minute is long.

Sophie Klahr


“Bearing witness I think is the best of what poetry can do sometimes.”

Anelise Chen


“To me, the most interesting aspect of writing is how it captures what it’s like to be a thinking presence in the world.”

Quintan Ana Wikswo and Margo Berdeshevsky


I suspect that Evil created Hope, knowing that it would never be a successful opponent.

Mammother – Zachary Schomburg


At some point in your life, something will fall in front of your feet that you did not expect. There’s a challenge that MAMMOTHER offers the reader: to believe, simply, in what you are about to read, and then to risk reading it.

Maggie Smith


“I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing Ohio poems. It’s who I am.”

Lynn Melnick


I’m just really angry. And a lot of times when I sit down to write, that’s what’s guiding me.