President-kennedy-and-Jackie-Kennedy-welcoming-the-Emperor3“I spoke of the anti-gravity of dub. I spoke of the Rastafarians of Old Hulme. I spoke of polytricks and the Bablyon shitstem. I spoke of the exodus and of the repatrination. I quoted Prince Far-I: ‘We’re moving out of Babylon/ One destination, ina Ithiopia …’, I quoted. ‘Ithiopia, the tyrants are falling/ Ithiopia, Britain the great is falling …’, I quoted. W. was moved, he says. I was moved. Our audience broke out into spontaneous applause. He’d thought my prophetic days had gone, W. says. He’d thought my oracle had shut up shop …”  – Lars Iyer, from Exodus.

In the spirit of keeping the prophetic flame burning, here are 20 premium reggae jams for your listening pleasure. One love, Michael Schapira, Interviews Editor.

1. The Wailing Wailers – I’m Still Waiting (alternative take)

2. Derrick Morgan – Forward March

3. Prince Buster – I Feel the Spirit

4. Johnny Nash – Cupid

5. Owen Gray – Give Me A Little Sign

6. Johnny, Earl, & Jenny – Dub Street

7. John Holt – Stick By Me

8. Norma Fraser – First Cut

9. Susan Cadogan – Hurts So Good

10. Desmond Dekker – Tips Of My Fingers

11. Bunny Wailer & The Wailers – Dreamland

12. Don Drummond – Rain or Shine

13. Alton and Hortense Ellis – Willow Tree

14. The Upsetters – Caveman Skank

15. Delroy Wilson – Can I Change My Mind

16. Big Youth – Don’t Jester

17. Alton Ellis – When I’m Down

18. Slim Smith – Time Has Come

19. Pat Kelly & The Techniques – Queen Majesty

20. Ken Parker – How Strong

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