The Situation in American Writing: Courtney Maum

I have spent a lot of time recently preoccupied with the feeling that the end is somewhat near.

The Situation in American Writing: Chris Kraus

The art world reads less fiction maybe, but more philosophy and critical theory. Also, the art world reads poetry.

The Situation in American Writing: Molly Antopol

I often feel as if I’m writing not for a particular audience but for a better version of myself.

Translation Questionnaire: Natasha Wimmer

A tentative translation is likely to be an uneven, unpersuasive one.

Translation Questionnaire: Michael Emmerich

When we translate, if only for a time, we breathe that special air. And that air is addictive.

Translation Questionnaire: Joshua Daniel Edwin

When asked if his Spanish was good enough to translate Gabriel García Márquez, Gregory Rabassa said that the real question should be: Is my English good enough?

Translation Questionnaire: Danuta Borchardt

I derive particular satisfaction from delving, in language, into my native Polish core. Having been an exile of many years, this has a particular relevance and poignancy.

Translation Questionnaire: Karen Emmerich

Our Translation Questionnaire continues, with Karen Emmerich, translator of modern Greek poetry and prose.

Translation Questionnaire: Humphrey Davies

Our Translation Questionnaire continues, with Humphrey Davies.

Translation Questionnaire: Susan Bernofsky

Introducing the Translation Questionnaire, with Susan Bernofsky.