The MeToo Noir?

99 River Street – both the film and the critical reaction to it – serves to encapsulate the various strategies that we’ve seen deployed in the backlash to the Me Too movement – from denial to willed blindness to mockery.

Should We Believe in Autofiction?

What if there is a great distance between an author’s real life and the way it’s represented on the page? What kind of accountability, if that’s the case, should the reader expect from the author?


Even if we go nowhere, even if we staycate, our escape is always into rather than out from under the imperial gaze.


A drill-rig in the pasture. The intaglio of ditches in the valley. The person you sleep beside in bed. A life is a kind of dirt.

How White Racists Dream: Metapolitics and Fascist Publishing

To understand these publishers, these people, is to understand how white nationalism functions.

Charming (to Some) Estelle

There is no clear evidence that Lida Senior’s eldest child dismissed, disbelieved or, heart of hearts, disagreed with the opinion that she lacked beauty capital in its fullest payload sense. As such, and if so, charming for Estelle Oldham Franklin Faulkner would have to do the trick.

Positions of the Sun — Lyn Hejinian

Does Language poetry have a public? If not, and for want of one, whose interests does it serve instead?

From The Bottom Up: Hwang Sok-yong’s North and South Korea

Hwang Sok-yong is committed to representing the Koreans—on both sides of the 38th parallel—hurt or left behind by South Korea’s rapid technological and economic progress.

The Spirit of Discovery

I wonder if, by revisiting places of queer erasure, both of the city and my own, and by using movement as a method for storytelling, I could re-map and re-narrate my queer disorientation within Plymouth.

Paragard Don’t Get One: my copper IUD library

In November, I had the copper IUD, called Paragard, implanted in my uterus, to ensure a 99% chance of unconceivable fucking.