While dystopian fiction, film, and television is now as popular as it’s ever been, we’ve surgically amputated our fears about societal collapse from our individual ambitions.

Ad Infinitum  

Exposure to more ads means more reading and seeing and hearing the empty rhetoric of essentialist perlocution: paltered clichés, tropes, maxims, lies, and nonsense. One result, in Barthes’ view, is a cheapening of the greater language.

Blind Spots

I remember all my efforts to prepare to move forward, but I forget the jerky reverse, stop-and-go motion that made that eventual forward movement possible.

The Weird and the Functional

The artist Rammellzee used the term ‘lightdwellers’ to reference a generic societal elite. Decades later, ‘the lofts’ can do a similar job for a certain kind of New Yorker. Ditto for ‘condos.’

Full Stop Recommends

Full Stop editors recommend books, music, TV and films for your enjoyment. This round features Pagan priestesses, the great Koonklaster, & Christina Ricci chained to a radiator.

Me and My Shadow

On Jungian shadows, Elena Ferrante, THE BABADOOK, and the sinister side of motherhood.

Men of Myth: On Bruce Springsteen & Bob Dylan’s ‘Basement Tapes’

Whereas early blues and country artists were subsumed under the mythology of their genre, rock was about individual stardom from the outset. Where do Dylan & Springsteen stand in relation to their progenitors?

Best of Features, 2014

In 2014 our features writers tackled topics ranging from police ontology to Bowie fandom to the pitiful lack of diversity in contemporary publishing.

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Under the Skin: David Cronenberg’s CONSUMED

Though Cronenberg is undeniably preoccupied with decaying and deformed flesh, he also evinces a gleefulness in probing physical transformations, and how they both impact and reflect upon the psyche.