Debut Books

Minor Monuments – Ian Maleney

Recording for Maleney is the fold in time that bends toward the unrecoverable past.

Terra Nullius – Claire G. Coleman

It should come as no surprise that Coleman, an Australian Aboriginal author of the South Coast Noongar people, is particularly poised to enliven the tropes of the science fiction contact genre.

Crimson – Niviaq Korneliussen

CRIMSON is a piece of literature that aims to make sense of queer experience by constructing a literary world adequate to house its complexities.

Malva – Hagar Peeters

The heroine of MALVA is a fictional creation, and as a typical daughter, she is only too prepared to justify her father’s behavior.

Brother in Ice – Alicia Kopf

The aims of the heroic age of Antarctic exploration are exposed by the writer as quests into nothingness.

Summer Cannibals – Melanie Hobson

SUMMER CANNIBALS, Melanie Hobson’s addition to the canon of Country Manors In Sharp Decline, proposes another reason for the downfall of polite society: the patriarchy itself.

Revenge of the Translator – Brice Matthieussent

You could also say that it was her most transgressive, subversive move to forego revenge, content instead to disappear.

Tacky Goblin – T. Sean Steele

Steele said in an interview that he was interested in the blog as a “vehicle to tell jokes,” which partially gets at what the entries feel like.

Ultra-Cabin – Kimberly Lambright

We might read holding the world in the back of our minds as a way of negotiating between what is promising and what can hurt us.

Clean Time: The True Story of Ronald Reagan Middleton – Ben Gwin

As the endless 24-hour news cycle increasingly feels like performance for profit rather than reporting, CLEAN TIME: THE TRUE STORY OF RONALD REAGAN MIDDLETON rings true with its deft prescience.