Circles and Circles of Sorrow

Only now do I realize that I venerated Sula during a period in which I became numb.

In Search of St. Paul’s Scales

I’m sure it will surprise no one if I say that St. Paul’s scales are not the only literary detail in the Bible which is passed over with very little explanation.

Dope on Film

The proliferation of a kind of heroin porn may be normalizing the epidemic, but it is failing to humanize it.

20 4 420: Irie Edition

Last year on this date I claimed, “I think it’s safe to say that, at this moment, where we find ourselves now, we need good reggae more than ever.” Plus ça change….

The Rise of the Beautiful Eccentric

Using the effervescence of creative agency, style, and fabulousness allows marginalized people to empower themselves as a triple act of defiance, confidence, and self-love.

The World of Bruno Schulz

What characterizes the world made by the words of Bruno Schulz?

The Parts That Make a Whole

Foreigners in the West Bank nervously stumble over their words when speaking each other: “So, how long have you been in Palestine, and Israel…or, I mean the area?”

The Bone Church

Death is by no means as “hidden” as we might pretend, nor is it the abstract “universal” that is often spoken of in both secular and theological discourse.

This Little Art

Literary translation, as a labour of changing words, and changing the orders of words, is always and from the outset wrong: its wrongness is a way of indirectly stressing and restressing the rightness of the original words in their right and original order.

Eschatology Gone Wild

Too many artists, and filmmakers especially, won’t treat theological traditions as anything other than window dressing, an aesthetic adornment not worth reading too much into.