by Will Preston

Labyrinth – Burhan Sönmez

Labyrinth is the mystery novel at its most existential, in which the person who has disappeared is the protagonist himself, in which the mystery is the greatest of them all.

Oval – Elvia Wilk

This is OVAL’s central joke, and also its most cutting observation: in our current age of convenience culture and mass gentrification, what does it take to live an ethical life?

The Book of Collateral Damage – Sinan Antoon

Paper is flammable, after all, and to count the dead would take a lifetime.

Dark Constellations – Pola Oloixarac

In Oloixarac’s hands, this world is one in which the boundaries between humans, plants, and animals have already begun to dissolve.

Dead Girls – Alice Bolin

The book should’ve been called anything other than DEAD GIRLS.