by PT Smith

Lion Cross Point – Masatsugu Ono

The structure of his sentences is direct, but meaning is slant.

Binary Star – Sarah Gerard

Gerard’s prose is too beautiful, too aware of the potential of poetic pacing, for wallowing.

The Physics of Sorrow – Georgi Gospodinov

It is a sincere vision, a sincere request for forgiveness, and yet still something laughable. He means to honor the shit, not demean the religions.

Baboon – Naja Marie Aidt

Aidt perceives with great clarity the intricacies of relationships, not just romantic or sexual, though they are prominent, and she does it with an apparent cool distance.

The Last Days of My Mother – Sölvi Björn Sigurðsson

Drinking novels are familiar, death of a family member novels are familiar, dark comedies, familiar, but Last Days brings something new: a mother and son with absolutely zero boundaries.

Zündel’s Exit – Markus Werner

Zündel’s Exit bursts, then fades, refusing to become complete, to reach firm grounding.