by Hestia Peppe


When there’s there’s no horizontal stability, constant movement is required in order to stay upright. What becomes of resistance if existence has to be elastic?

First Horizon

When you zoom in, any seemingly homogenous surface, even Facebook, can become a terrain of complexity: a landscape.

Edgewise: A Picture of Cookie Mueller – Chloé Griffin

The point of fairy tales, in case you didn’t know, is that you must be pure of heart. The point of stars is that you want to be them. The point of saints is that when their bodies die they do not really leave us.

I’m Very Into You – Kathy Acker & McKenzie Wark

What changed with the availability of email is not so much the effect of time as that of space on communication.

P. Odoratissimum

Isn’t all language, all classification, only holes tied together with string?

I Object

Is a place an object? Is a building? If I cannot go there anymore, have I lost it? Is the experience of loss, in that it is always a losing of some thing, to objectify? If I am lost without it do I become an object myself?

Ugly Girls – Lindsay Hunter

I don’t trust adults to write about youth as much as I did before I became an adult myself.

The Autumn Light

The autumn light, sideways blue and yellow, allows me to travel through it, running.

Choices in the Labyrinth

The end is pulled and the void grows, the object is eaten out from the inside to become an Other, the reel disappears and a ball grows out from the centre in my hands.

Sea Tiles

I’m trying not to say nature because the concept is corrupt. Suffice to say though, beaches make me question art because they do it all already.