by Scott Beauchamp

Laura A. Warman


Today, not only is the personal political, the personal is celebrity.

Stop Here – Beverly Gologorsky


Our sympathy might not be enough.

The Facades – Eric Lundgren


Imagine the George Saunders’ Band covering a song by the Thomas Pynchon Orchestra and you have a pretty good idea of what sort of book The Facades is.

Under This Terrible Sun – Carlos Busqued


Stoner culture and noir, when both are at their best, are experiments in mood and atmospherics.

Woke Up Lonely – Fiona Maazel


Call it psychological. Even call it sociological. But it is not political. It’s far too broad in scope for that.

Brando, My Solitude – Arno Bertina


The narrator tries to ensnare his grandfather in prose.

Sometimes We Live No Particular Way But Our Own: The Grateful Dead and Epicureanism


If the Grateful Dead will always be stuck somewhere between band and cult, Epicureanism itself has been stuck between cult and philosophy since it was founded around 300 BCE.

Song Reader – Beck


So how do we use it?

We Monks and Soldiers – Lutz Bassmann


Gloom and ambiguity blend to work the reader into a wonderful confusion. But it’s a useful confusion, one that expresses something fundamentally true about the world.

Little Corpse On The Prairie


This is a story of the domestication of violence, of how the dark and malevolent is less likely to exist in the grimace of some supervillain in a top hat, and more in the strange smell coming from your neighbors’ basement.