by Peter Nowogrodzki

Ottessa Moshfegh


This needs more subjectivity and observation. Tell me more about being nervous.

Notes for an Essay on Benjamin Lytal’s A MAP OF TULSA


Start the actual discussion by describing just how Lytal’s book winds around the not-so-wild Midwestern world of the author’s hometown. Note that the plot, too, concerns a homecoming. (Try to avoid using commas like table salt.)

Shit That Happened To Me While Reading Jim Harrison’s The River Swimmer


The story, like its protagonist, floats along, held together loosely as though in liquid suspension.

The Next George Saunders


This is a story about everyone on earth whose name is not George Saunders. Since you are likely one of these humans, I hope you enjoy the attention.

Not Reading and Tan Lin’s HEATH COURSE PAK


Tan Lin has chosen to write a book for, and about, the very attention span that doesn’t want to read it: that unique awareness, the distracted mind.

Inalienable Resurrection: Tan Lin’s The Patio and the Index


If we can find birds on the pages of books, and gods within concrete, it does not seem fantastic to encounter our parents inside of their pots and patios.