by Kyle Francis Williams

Exposition / The White Dress – Nathalie Léger


Nathalie Leger’s triptych is a balletic interpretation over the line between fiction and criticism.

Megan Cummins


“Even more than I ever wanted to write a book, I wanted to have health insurance.”

Elisa Gabbert


So a good way to make myself write an essay is to nurture and cultivate a small obsession. Like a Chia Pet.

Joni Murphy


How could the alpaca consciousness not be affected by all this?

Karen Solie


“Things that have happened are tangibly still happening, whether we know it, accept it, or not.”

Mary South


“I don’t want to let these things just glide by; I think we can learn from our current digital age through art and being in conversation with it.

Kathryn Scanlan


“A story is whatever I say it is.”

Creature Publishing


“We love the idea of books being live, sentient beings that have desires, agendas, anger”

Helen Phillips


I was talking to a friend of mine who was studying theoretical architecture, and she too had gone through this period of being scornful of real buildings.

Amina Cain


“If you read a lot of books, and watch a lot of movies, you’re going to absorb some of what it means for you to read and watch them, and that will be expressed in some way in your own work.” An interview with Amina Cain.