by Cory Austin Knudson

The Influence Peddlers – Hédi Kaddour


If increasingly Islamophobic western cultures can be collectively taken as Troy, THE INFLUENCE PEDDLERS at its best is a Trojan Horse in which not all the soldiers fit — or at least fit comfortably.

Bodies of Summer – Martin Felipe Castagnet


At its best Castagnet’s debut work artfully skirts overt philosophizing about mind-body relations and necropolitics, keeping this slim speculative novel at an athletic pace and leaving ample room for us to explore its marvelous world for ourselves.

Disorderly Families – Arlette Farge & Michel Foucault


Farge and Foucault’s presentation of their findings in the Bastille archives provides a much-needed corrective to historians’ hitherto single-scale, unidirectional perspective.