This month is a special Full Stop Podcast episode, where several editors hop on the mic to announce the Inaugural Full Stop Fellows (and then speak with them!). 

The fellows will develop long-form literary criticism project which will span the entire Full Stop universe for the next six months. First up? The podcast

So, without further ado, announcing the fellows!

  • Rebecca Ruth Gould: Rebecca’s project will explore the links between translation and activism, include a focus on recent translations of James Baldwin by Palestinian students.
  • Nabil Kashyap: Nabil’s project will focus on travel writing, looking at why we don’t take travel writing seriously (and why maybe we should!) and what types of experiments are happening within the genre. 

Rebecca and Nabil are in conversation with Interviews editor Mike Schapira, Features editor Helen Stuhr-Rommereim, and Reviews editor Jesse Miller. 

We couldn’t be happier to have Rebecca and Nabil as our inaugural fellows. 

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