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For over eight years, Full Stop has engaged in an earnest, expansive, and rigorous discussion of literature and literary culture. We’ve been committed to giving writers a space to review books from small publishers, to interview authors and artists, and to explore the strange and fascinating places in our broader culture. From its beginning, Full Stop‘s aim has been to compensate writers in an industry where literary criticism is deeply undervalued. It’s with that mission in mind that we’re excited to announce the launch of the Full Stop Patreon, which will help us continue to pay our writers well into the future.

As part of the launch of the Patreon, Full Stop is announcing some new ways we’ll continue to highlight the unknown, the precarious, and the as-yet unrealized.

  • The Full Stop NewsletterEach month, Full Stop will send a new piece of literary criticism directly to your inbox (which is a different way of reaching you then having you come to our website!). Future essays touch on such topics as the Midwestern gothic, kitchens in the post-Soviet world, and the decolonizing potentialities of the archive.
  • The Full Stop Podcast: We’re so original with the names! Each month (and often more), Full Stop will send some audio brilliance your way from the editors. Future episodes includes interviews with authors, theorists and activists, and also some insight into the NBA draft from Full Stop editors. You can listen to the first episode of the Full Stop at our Patreon page now, no donation necessary. In this episode, editors Eleanor Gold, Allison Conner, and Max Rivlin-Nadler, discuss what Full Stop does, why we review what we review, and take a delightful field trip to the Los Angeles Festival of Books. Patrons will have early access to future episodes, but they’ll all be available eventually in our podcast feed, as well as on iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify.
  • The Full Stop Quarterly: This is staying! But we’re changing how people can subscribe to it. You guessed it — by becoming a supporter to our Patreon. We’re honoring our existing subscribers through Gumroad, but all new subscribers will go through the Patreon. Today, May Day, also marks the release of our newest issue, a special edition on Graduate Student organizing. Become a supporter and we’ll have it in your hands today!

Full Stop is run by an editorial collective made up of volunteers, so all money generated through the Patreon goes directly to the writers and artists that make Full Stop what it is. All material released to our supporters through the Patreon will eventually be released for free on the Full Stop website, in keeping with our goal of finding the widest possible audience for everything we produce.

For as little as $2/month, you can help an emerging writer take home a check in the low triple-figures, and let Full Stop keep growing into our second decade.

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