Our favorite advice columnist in all of history, Dear Sugar from the Rumpus, will unveil her real world identity TONIGHT. We’re taking guesses as to who she’ll turn out to be. Our top choices so far:

Ann M. Martin

Francine Pascal

Charlaine Harris

Francesca Lia Block

Suzanne Collins

Andy Milonakis

Judy Blume

Charlotte Brönte’s Ghost

Jennifer Egan

Jennifer Weiner

Bill Watterson

Bill Murray

Bill Cosby

Danny Bonaduce

Frankie “Bonus” Jonas

James Franco

Jeff Goldbum

Suzanne Somers

A Reptilian Humanoid

Kathy Acker

Julia Kristeva

Thomas Pynchon

Christopher Hitchens

Erica Jong

Jonathan Lethem

Jonathan Franzen

Jonathan Safran Foer

Franklin “One Moer Foer” Foer

Kid from Kid ‘n’ Play

Kate Christensen

A. M. Homes

Joan Didion

…who do you think Sugar is? [Update: Sugar’s reveal!]

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