NYC’s St. Mark’s Bookshop, the absolute oasis amidst the high schoolers, NYU freshman, crust-punks, and t-shirts that comprise the St. Mark’s scene, is having trouble paying its rent. This is a shame because St. Mark’s is a beautiful store, and if it goes out of business my dad won’t have anywhere to hang out on Saturday mornings.

The Cooper Square Committee has started a petition to lower the rent. They write, “The St Marks Bookshop, a vital Lower East Side cultural institution, needs a rent low enough to survive. Join the Cooper Square Committee petitioning Cooper Union, the bookstore’s landlord, to give St Marks Bookshop a lower rent.” Well said.

After signing the petition, you can head down to St. Mark’s, buy a book, maybe get your belly-button pierced, definitely buy a water pipe with a skull on it, then grab some falafel at Mamouns, because it is really really good.

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