Books in Translation

The Dirty Text – Soleida Ríos

Ríos develops the dream as a genre to itself — a real fiction, a fictional real.

Space Invaders – Nona Fernández

Fernández does something vitally important here, something rare in American narratives of collective protest: she does not equate uncertainty with foolishness.

Excess—The Factory – Leslie Kaplan

Leslie Kaplan’s EXCESS—THE FACTORY has nine circles, but you don’t get to the bottom of it.

The Storyteller Essays – Walter Benjamin

Stories rely on their iterability, extant within a system of circulation, mobile and memorable.

Eden-Brazil – Moacyr Scliar

In these new climate circumstances, old stories will not suffice when it comes to stirring us to action.

Aphelia – Mikella Nicol

There is motive to this movement, if difficult female narrators can be called a movement.

The Memory Police – Yoko Ogawa

That there should be such ambiguity between perpetrator and victim is, it seems, part of the tragedy of totalitarianism: one can fully escape neither victimhood nor complicity.

Until Stones Become Lighter Than Water – António Lobo Antunes

This new book demonstrates Lobo Antunes’ trajectory as a novelist, which could be described as a gradual broadening of scope, an attempt to incorporate more and more diverse voices into his fictions.

Grenade in Mouth: Some Poems of Miyó Vestrini – Miyó Vestrini

Poems are too little, too. That’s why we need grenades, it would seem.

Human Matter: A Fiction – Rodrigo Rey Rosa

The Guatemalan novelist Rodrigo Rey Rosa might have invented a new way for metafiction to feel.