Books in Translation

Dark Constellations – Pola Oloixarac

In Oloixarac’s hands, this world is one in which the boundaries between humans, plants, and animals have already begun to dissolve.

Acts of Infidelity – Lena Andersson

If the two books are so similar, why did I love WILLFUL DISREGARD so much and find ACTS OF INFIDELITY exasperating?

Je Nathanaël – Nathanaël

In Je, Nathanaël, the speaking subject, or more properly, speech, is not a question of absolute being but partial positions and orientations.

Crimson – Niviaq Korneliussen

CRIMSON is a piece of literature that aims to make sense of queer experience by constructing a literary world adequate to house its complexities.

Fox – Dubravka Ugrešić

The moment I looked at the frightened animal in the corner of a dirty cage, I knew that writers and storytellers were dangerous manipulators.

Love in the New Millennium – Can Xue

Without narrative restraint (like both love and time?).

Malva – Hagar Peeters

The heroine of MALVA is a fictional creation, and as a typical daughter, she is only too prepared to justify her father’s behavior.

Brother in Ice – Alicia Kopf

The aims of the heroic age of Antarctic exploration are exposed by the writer as quests into nothingness.

Poso Wells – Gabriela Alemán

POSO WELLS is the sort of dizzying novel that only begins to make sense as it finishes, but then becomes so fascinating that you want to read the hazy first hundred pages all over again.

The Houseguest and Other Stories – Amparo Dávila

Cortázar seems unwilling to recognize that what one person finds excessive another will consider just the right touch.