Books in Translation

Intimate Ties – Robert Musil

Read in the broadest terms, in the context of literary modernism, INTIMATE TIES seems especially concerned with the psyche, sexuality, and repression.

All My Goodbyes – Mariana Dimópulos

Dimópulos works directly against one of the age-old creative writing workshop adages: don’t lose your reader in time.

Max Havelaar or, The Coffee Auctions of the Dutch Trading Company – Multatuli

No anti-colonial tract more effectively debunked the, by then, three-century-old system which—tweaked and window-dressed to pacify the progressives of each generation—had enriched Europe while shredding colonized societies everywhere.

The Skin is the Elastic Covering that Encases the Entire Body – Bjørn Rasmussen

Rasmussen has managed to stretch the soul in the way a butcher might stretch flesh, asking us to consider the roots of our desires and the depths of our longings.

The Book of Collateral Damage – Sinan Antoon

Paper is flammable, after all, and to count the dead would take a lifetime.

Star – Yukio Mishima

This complex, psychological portrait of celebrity is a propulsive, enduring narrative that eerily predicts our contemporary digital tensions of the self.

The Nocilla Trilogy – Agustín Fernández Mallo

Its formal innovation and experimentation mark THE NOCILLA TRILOGY as stepping into a globalized and networked world

Tentacle – Rita Indiana

In TENTACLE, the manipulation of science fiction tropes is not a gimmick or trick, but a way to illustrate how impossibly intertwined the many forces are that have shaped the history of the Dominican Republic

The Naked Woman – Armonía Somers

THE NAKED WOMAN continues to speak to us nowadays as fiercely and urgently as seventy years ago: more than ever, women’s bodies are the place of political battles that seek to change the way we understand desire, consent, and autonomy.

77 – Guillermo Saccomanno

77 is a novel of terror.