Jamie Townsend on Steve Abbott

Steve Abbot’s writing often asks the reader to be open to self-critique and surprise, to be open to the process of discovering new avenues for thought, whether hyperbolic, or crass, or even wrongheaded.

Keith Bendis

Bierce’s cynicism of our institutions, the rich, religion, and common beliefs could have been written yesterday.

George Takei

I admire those who took a principled position and paid the price for it. They fought on battlefields too. Their battlefields were behind the tall, concrete walls of federal penitentiaries.

Peter Mishler

I would prefer to stay on the side of generosity.

Luke Jerod Kummer and Nellie Hermann

Before Picasso, kings and queens and generals – Napoleon, and such – were famous, but there wasn’t the pop culture we have today. He was one of the first modern international celebrities.

Zach Schwartz-Weinstein

You really need to think strategically about how universities work, how they are trying to invest their capital, and then go after them on those grounds, and use our positionality as contingent academics to our advantage.

Anthony McCann, part 2

A bunch of white government dudes in bear cats and ballistic vests don’t have much unquestioned moral authority in America today

Anthony McCann

There was this sacrificial logic to the whole thing, and at the same time this American comedy. We’ll just throw some bleachers out in the sun.

Anita Felicelli

My hope is to give enough poetry to trigger a mood or atmosphere, while trying my best not to get drunk on my own affinity for language and texture.    

Kim Tolley

I think graduate students deserve the right to organize. So if I can help people understand that it’s not hard to start, I’ll feel very happy with this interview. 

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