by Pete Tosiello

Manhunt – Jaime Fountaine

In MANHUNT, coming of age means coming to grips with powerlessness.

Static Flux – Natasha Young

If this coast-bound itinerancy is the late-twentieth century American dream—Didion and manifest destiny and all that—what happens when cost of living and barriers to entry inhibit all but the most fortunate few, when even the honest trade of writing is reduced to a pipe dream for the nation’s finest literary talents?

Summer Cannibals – Melanie Hobson

SUMMER CANNIBALS, Melanie Hobson’s addition to the canon of Country Manors In Sharp Decline, proposes another reason for the downfall of polite society: the patriarchy itself.

The Comedown – Rebekah Frumkin

One wonders indeed how far back we might trace the sources of a family’s anxieties, the original sins of the original fathers, a neurotic first mover.