by Liv Combe

The Godfather of Skate

The click of roller skates echoes under the high, vaulted ceiling. And the Virgin Mary gazes down upon it all, smiling benevolently, as if to say, Let’s have a good time tonight. Let’s celebrate. It’s all right.

Down the Craigslist Housing Hole

Going to see actual apartments means you get to peek into peoples’ lives — what they eat for dinner, what they wear when they’re relaxing at home, what their guilty pleasure Tuesday night TV shows are.

Searching for Calvin’s Dad

The “recluse” artist is an endangered species, but there’s still one artist keeping the idea of the private public figure alive: Bill Watterson, writer and illustrator of Calvin and Hobbes.

Off the Road

ON THE ROAD no longer holds the allure it once did.

The Laws of Attraction

We can look past Jude Law’s features and see only the face of the character — old, emotionally stunted, and quite unattractive.

Edwidge Danticat

Because I’ve benefitted from it so much — being able to read people who write from this particular place, this in-between place — I think people like that deserve their own literature.

Dan Chaon

The people that you might have been, or the things that you might have done, or the things that happened that you wish didn’t happen — those are the real ghosts.

Ira Glass

We all get taught how to construct a paragraph, and how to use the digital editing system, and how to do HTML code for Wordpress, and nobody ever talks to us about what’s actually the engine behind the whole thing — which is, well: where are you going to get an idea?