by Eamonn Gallagher

A Field on Fire – ed. Mark D. Hersey and Ted Steinberg

Academic modes of production are shockingly ill-suited to a crisis, and certainly ill-suited to a crisis of this scale.

Herlands – Keridwen N. Luis

The impulse of withdrawal can sharpen continuously to a fine point.

I Have Never Been Able to Sing – Alexis Almeida

At the conclusion of this litany of haves, have-nots and have-nevers, we are left with a better idea of what it means to be a self, a thing which is only partially apprehensible to the person occupying it.

The Seas – Samantha Hunt

Love in the Chthulucene, and in the shattered landscapes that this era presents, is forever incomplete and unsatisfied. It occurs in a shifting landscape, through the fissures of which previously buried uncertainties are constantly arising.