fs420Dear Current and Future Employers,

The authors of this post have never done drugs. Even though marijuana has the reputation of being “lightweight,” “nonaddictive,” “natural,” and “fun,” we wouldn’t want to jeopardize our careers in media and the arts by doing something as reckless as smoking ganja. We realize how dangerous it is to joke about something as serious as narcotics, especially with the youths of America on the Internet, and the War on Terror, and the recession, and Obama’s betrayal. But we feel that if we can’t laugh at the handful of Beatniks smoking funny cigarettes in their parents basement, then are we really free? The authors of this post believe not.

With this in mind, we took the liberty of reading a site that we feel the NSA should immediately shut down: erowid.com. Referencing their testimonials section, we studied the habits and behaviors of “weed smokers” and pretended that they were us or we were them: hanging out in an apartment in Brooklyn, just getting high and listening to music. Here are the music recommendations we came up with, selected from the assumed vantage point of non-violent criminals. You should read and listen while you’re drunk, it’s seriously like twice as great!

You can listen to a Spotify playlist that features these songs here.

Morphine – “Buena”

The Chameleons – “Swamp Thing”

Agitation Free – “First Communiation”

Blank Dogs – “Another Language”

Rain Parade – “Talking In My Sleep”

Wooden Shjips – “Lazy Bones”

Lusine – “Two Dots”

Disco Inferno – “Love Stepping Out”

Flower Travelin’ Band – “Satori Pt. II”


David Crosby – “Music is Love”

Paul McCartney – “Frozen Jap”


Cave  – “High, I Am”

Balam Acab – “See Birds (Moon)”

Follakzoid – “Trees”


Gabor Szabo – “Somewhere I Belong”

The Black Angels – Entrance Song

Kraan – “Bandits in the Woods” SPOTIFY ONLY

The Breeders – “Cannonball”

Yes – “Changes”

Neil Young – “Dreamin’ Man”


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