A few weeks ago, we wrote about the ongoing struggle of workers at New York’s famous The Strand bookshop. In short: they’re one of the few unionized retail stores in New York City, and the new contract they’re being offered would effectively end their union and drastically decrease their benefits. It’s a bum deal for some of the hardest working booksellers on the planet.

But these booksellers are not going down easily, or at all. With a possible strike looming, the workers have started their own website explaining the events which have led them to this point, what they stand to lose, and what we, as patrons of independent bookstores, would also be losing. The site will be continually updated with news on the negotiations, testimonials from the people that work there, and ways to show our support for these working class, book-pushing heroes. There’s also a great comic up on the site called “Old, Rare and New” that gives a cursory overview of the whole situation thus far.

Strand employee Chris McCallion explains the importance of their struggle  on the site. “They’re counting on the fact that if we get lower wages we’ll just go find another job. But we want to protect the interests of the working class.”

Make sure to check the site for future updates on how to stand in solidarity with Strand employees in the midst of this important labor struggle.


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