Michael Martrich


I don’t worry whether or not my writing is innovative or experimental. I only want to be on that bookshelf, the one that’s off limits, that requires special permission to access, that has to be found and sought after from a queer distance.

The River at Night – Kevin Huizenga


At a time when history-altering acts take on an almost mundane insignificance, comics artist Kevin Huizenga’s THE RIVER AT NIGHT makes thought, banal and half-remembered quotidian thought, a moving drama of consciousness.

When the Whales Leave – Yuri Rytkheu


In this light, Chavasse’s translation is but one echo within a cavernous history, itself but a momentary iteration on its way to another.

Difficult Light – Tomás González


I remember my intuitive reluctance to use the word “deadline,” when I learned the word in English, it sounded hostile when someone told me for the first time: “You need to meet this deadline.” To get killed, I wondered?

Beyond the Periphery of the Skin – Silvia Federici


Silvia Federici’s BEYOND THE PERIPHERY OF THE SKIN is a baffling work that slides from the academically indefensible to the ethically dubious with remarkable facility.

Lethal Theater – Susannah Nevison


An exploration of capital punishment and the prison system in America, how incarceration is turned into a spectacle at the expense of the humans who are trying to make that of that system a grim home.

You Darling Thing – Monica Ferrell


As I reread the poems in Ferrell’s YOU DARLING THING in this unprecedented moment, I see her lines anew, perhaps as they have always been

Minor Detail – Adania Shibli


MINOR DETAIL itself is an act of subversion because it represents history told on Palestinian terms, through a Palestinian voice.

Artificial Gut Feeling – Anna Zett


Digital systems are not just tools or extensions of our brains, but they are parodies of us, our goals, beliefs, dreams, passions, and cognitions.

Older Brother – Daniel Mella


OLDER BROTHER itself attests to grief’s power as a catalyst for creativity.