by Max Rivlin-Nadler

Please Feel


Please feel, the new works of middlebrow beg, as if emotion were a difficult thing to conjure.

It’s Not About the Kids


The Democratic party is not the party of teachers, and it is not the party of students. It is the party of privatization, of Wall Street, of the supposed “choice” afforded us by the free market. But it doesn’t have to be.

Recession America Needs Kenny Powers


Through the eyes-half-shut haze of a debt-ridden and sweat-stained high, we see a rider. He is on a Boogie Board. He is flipping us off.



Pour out some Brass Monkey for one of the greats.

Occupy: May Day


Follow Full Stop all day for updates on the May Day General Strike.

David Rees


It’s not a parody. It is a literal fucking pencil sharpening manual. It does what it says on the box.

Take Back The Strand!


With a possible strike looming, Strand workers have started their own website explaining the events which have led them to this point, what they stand to lose, and what we, as patrons of independent bookstores, would also be losing.

Strike at The Strand?


For over 35 years, employees of The Strand have been members of the United Auto Workers. However, as John Farley writes in Metrofocus, management appears to be engaging in certain policies that aim to disrupt and eventually dissolve unionized labor at the venerated independent bookstore.

New York Times, New York Times, YOU THINK YOU’RE BETTER THAN US?!


I try not to read things in the New York Times that are about people my age, New York City, or basically anything that doesn’t have to do with international politics.

Free Pussy Riot!


Over the past weekend, Russian authorities arrested suspected members of Pussy Riot, a feminist punk band that has bravely ridiculed the Putin regime.