by Max Rivlin-Nadler

Scars – Juan José Saer


The killer says one sentence, “The pieces can’t be put back together.” Then he jumps out the window.

From The Memoirs Of A Non-Enemy Combatant – Alex Gilvarry


This five-foot-one, flamboyant Filipino man has been designated a “Non-Enemy Combatant,” a victim of unfortunate, often hilarious, and mind-numbingly idiotic circumstance.

Vaclav Havel, Writer/Statesman


“Truth and love must prevail over lies and hate.”

The Great Frustration – Seth Fried


There’s nothing redeeming about just being clever, so it’s great that Seth Fried is also smart-as-hell in his debut, The Great Frustration, a collection that is fantastically imagined, caustically realized, and genuinely touching.

The Symbolism Survey


The prevailing idea that an artist’s work speaks for itself isn’t contradicted by the basest of interviews — the survey — but it could be another canvas on which to paint.

Karen Russell


Nothing seems more uncanny than death. You know the story they tell about the Dredgeman where he’s literally ripped out of the Universe? I think that speaks to the horror and the shock of death, there’s nothing we can ever imagine to be more truly uncanny than that.

Full Stop editor arrested at #OccupyPhilly Day of Action [updated]


Full Stop Managing Editor Jesse Montgomery was arrested last night while participating in a march that aimed to draw attention to the decrepit state of Philadelphia’s infrastructure, and the failure of congress to create jobs for working people.

Zone One – Colson Whitehead


We can take the country we live in and extrapolate a future wherein corporations have removed the thin veil between the seats of power and themselves and still be just as lost as we were before we made that leap.

Arundhati Roy talks “Walking with the Comrades”


“The dilemma for the writer, I think, is how to spend your life honing your individual voice and then, at times like this, to declare it from the heart of a crowd. That tension, that balance, is something I think about quite often.”

An Occupy Wall Street Reader


Writing about a movement in the moment is incredibly difficult. You can record an event journalistically, but it takes great skill to actually capture a sense of the dynamism involved in something that explodes with such populist fervor. A movement can make even the most gifted writer come off like an idiot scribbling platitudes.