by Max Strasser

George Packer


Far from beginning to close the gap, the financial crisis and the recession have opened it even wider. It’s like nothing stops it. Every week there’s a story that is essentially that story.

First Class on a Sinking Ship


Eric Hobsbawm, beloved and recently deceased, was the rare type of Marxist who receives a complimentary obituary from The Economist.

Whose England?


I do not feel that I’ve gotten a very good sense of Britain in the four months since I moved to London for graduate school. And so, seeking to understand this place a little better, I did what I sometimes do when I’m not sure what to think about something: I turned to George Orwell.

Oblivion By Design: Drones and Social Media


In a digital age of digital warfare fought (on one side, at least) on computer screens, a reaction on computer screens is only natural.